Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
1 326 000 EUR

Part of the Business building Veliko Tarnovo

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Part of the Business building Veliko Tarnovo

First floor

1. Variety Bar – 292 m2, fully equipped. Currently not working.
Sold separately and priced at € 275,000.

2. Restaurant pizzeria. Area of ​​343 m2 + 200 m2 garden. Rent price € 1500 sale price € 385,000

3. Shop for industrial goods 3 pieces. TBA
 197 m2 of Act 14, rough construction. Negotiable

Second floor

4. Office with bathroom, toilet and fitness area with equipment – 65 m2 them conservatory with kitchen and a retractable roof 100 m2. Used for own needs.

5. hotel. Act 14 (one apartment is 100% finished and currently resides) and other 2 shell with Vic and windows. Area – 592 m2 of the hotel without balconies. The project for a hotel of 1999. Under the new legislation in force does not meet the requirements for a hotel, but can be converted into a hostel, guest house or their own homes, which can be rentable or longer. Also, the floor can be converted and used as an office, gym or spa, doctor’s offices, clinic, party center, nursery, etc.

Third floor

6. Premises area – 106 m2 with a hexagonal shape and a panoramic view of 360 degrees. Over chamber, the roof space, which can be converted and used as a loft. Act 14. The idea was for panoramic coffee aperitif, but can be used as a VIP apartment on 2 levels, office and others.

 7. The building has a substation about 70m2. Located on level -1 and is used for central heating installation. We have a large boiler that is not used, as well as 10-something-ton coal dombaski

Property location:

The property is located in the town. Veliko Tarnovo

In close proximity to Billa shop, bus stops, two schools, vegetable market, many shops and restaurants, offices of mobile operators.


1. High on a main street.

2. The building is an intersection and is surrounded on 3 sides by streets.

3. The district is the largest in the city. Veliko Tarnovo (there are about 1/3 of
the city’s population)

4. The building is in close proximity to industrial-industrial zone.

5. It is located a few hundred meters from the road Sofia-Varna and West bus.

6. The district has an excellent infrastructure, easily accessible, with wide streets and
minutes from downtown.

7. Urban transport is 10 minutes away and the bus stop a few meters from
room suitable for mounting an ATM.

8. In the neighborhood there are 2 schools, 1 kindergarten, 2 supermarket SBA 1
supermarket T-market, 1 supermarket Billa 1 supermarket LIDL, vegetable market, many restaurants and shops. The district is gasified.

9. Parking in front of the building.

Price of part of the building described above is € 780 per m2 or
 1700 m2 x € 780 = € 1.326 million.

 There are common areas that are not included – balconies, staircases -200 -250 m2

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