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 The company is one of the auto-service center in Northeastern Bulgaria, which is progressing and is preferred by insurers, companies and citizens. The company was founded in 2009 with the main economic activity “Maintenance and repair of automobiles”. The company has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, which guarantees high quality of services and highly qualified and motivated staff using modern technologies and quality materials.
 It is a certified center, the service fully meets the requirements of a leading global brand for equipment, staff qualification and service organization. Contracts for auto-service servicing of cars are in force.
The car service is a subcontractor for Fiat, Lancia, Peugeot, a regional city that does not have full coverage of its auto service in the region.
The service has concluded a contract for carrying out the activity “Inspecting and filming” of the motor vehicle, subject to “Casco” insurance, by a particular insurer.

The company has a building stock consisting of three bases: Motor-car of 200 sq.m. , Car service on the area of ​​740 sq.m. . In order to improve the quality of the services offered by the Company and expand the service capacity of the company, we have built a new service center for servicing not only light, light trucks, but also heavy trucks and trucks. The area of ​​the plot is 3 768 sq.m with a total built-up area of ​​1 200 sq.m with a showroom of 306.09 sq.m, reception / reception 68 sq.m, service quick repairs 394 sq.m, service trucks 166 sq.m, tinsmith 500 sq.m .m, car painting 495 sq.m, parking lots 1 000 sq.m, parking inside 500 sq.m.
We have the following technical equipment:

1. Three Car Painting Cameras:
“EZ-YB100R” – for painting of buses and cars with dimensions 7/5/4
“ZONDA” – for painting truck sizes 11 / 4.5 / 5.5 (under construction)
“YOKI” – for painting of 7/5/4 buses and cars
2. Testers for diagnostics of all types of cars and specifically for brands:
3. Brain Bee / 6000 Plus Refrigerator Refueling and Repairing Machine
4. Geometry and adjustment bench for front and rear axle 4-D
5. Scissor lifts for repair of buses with a load capacity of 4.5t
6. Two-wheel lifts – Six pieces of 4 SDW40
7. Four-wheel lift with 5-speed SDW50 lifting capacity
8. Scissor lift – to repair suspension and brake system
9. Welding machine – Welding and repairing machine with wire feed
10. Cricket type D / M cricket
11. 40 tons Hydraulic press for removing bearings and bushings
12. Calibrators – Synchronization and Replacement of Flat-Tension / Angle / Belts and Chains
13. Stand VERTER for cruising and recovering crashed cars
14. Sporter for straightening small bits / hail /
15. Compressors
16. Hand tools and power tools – Everything needed to recover crashed cars of any type
17. Own Laboratory – For the manufacture of all types of paints for all car brands
18. Windscreen Replacement Unit
19. Car wash for car service needs
20.Outdoor and indoor parking

The Auto Service offers a full service cycle of the following services:


• preparing and painting parts and details on the vehicle’s interior
• preparation and painting of whole cars
• Revitalizing the gloss of paint on cars
• nonstandard auto-painting services
• other car painting services


• Restoring lightly crashed cars
• Restoring severely crashed cars
• straightening, restoring and replacing parts of the vehicle compartment
• Pulling and repairing corroded parts in the vehicle compartment
• other automotive services


• Freon charging
• replacement of units and aggregates
• Compressor repair


• transmission
• engines
• front and rear axle adjustment
• computer diagnostics


• installation and dismantling of all types of glass for light, light and heavy motor vehicles

 The company has highly qualified employees, each of whom has completed a training course in the field. Currently, 10 (ten) people work in the following categories:

• Self-painting
• Auto-launchers
• Technical assistants
• Auto mountaineers
• Manager
• Receiver

The company works mainly on the Bulgarian market. It works with licensed suppliers of spare parts and materials.
The auto service has contractual relations with insurance companies

The brand has been present on the market in the District City for 20 years. The mission and corporate philosophy of the Company is synthesized with the sentence: “Correctness, speed, quality”. For the managers of the company
korektnostta e osnoven faktor za izgrazhdaneto na dŭlgosrochni otnosheniya s klienti, partn’ori, i sluzhiteli. Kachestvoto na uslugata, zaedno s bŭrzinata pri obsluzhvaneto na klientite (srokŭt mezhdu porŭchkata i dostavkata) sa na pŭrvo myasto. Sledvaĭki firmenata si misiya, sme sŭzdali podkhodyashtata organizatsiya v avtoserviznoto obsluzhvane na nashite klienti. Kachestvoto na uslugite na firmata se dokazva sŭs sertifikat za kachestvo ISO 9001: 2008.
Ekipŭt si postavya tsel da povishi inovativniya kapatsitet i konkurentosposobnostta, chrez modernizatsiya na avtoserviznoto obsluzhvane i v chastnost vnedryavane na chisti tekhnologii v avtomobilnoto boyadisvane. Servizŭt e sred liderite v bransha, pokrivaĭki vse po-visoki standarti v kachestvoto na obsluzhvane , uporito raboti za postigane na moderen evropeĭski oblik i vŭvezhda novi metodi i tekhniki v avtoserviznite uslugi.

Davame garantsiya za kachestvo na remonta ,v tova chislo i na
Izpolzvanite chasti i materiali, kakto sledva :
- za avtotenekedzhiĭski i boyadzhiĭski operatsii – 12 mesetsa
- za montŭorski operatsii – 6 mesetsa ili 10 000km ot datata na
predavane na avtomobila
Edni ot osnovnite klienti na serviza sa Golemi firmi i druzhestva
honesty is a key factor in building long-term relationships with clients, partners, and employees. The quality of the service, along with the speed of customer service (the time between the order and the delivery) are the first. Following our corporate mission, we have set up the right organization to service our customers. The quality of the company’s services is proven by a quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008.
The team aims to boost innovative capacity and competitiveness through the modernization of service and in particular the introduction of clean technologies in automotive painting. The service is among the leaders in the industry, meeting ever higher standards of quality of service, working hard to achieve a modern European look and introducing new methods and techniques in car service.

We guarantee the quality of the repair, including the
Used parts and materials as follows:
- for automotive and painting operations – 12 months
- for mountaineer operations – 6 months or 10 000 km from the date of
transmission of the vehicle
One of the main customers of the workshop are Large Companies and Companies

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