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Wine cellar and vineyard

1 750 000 EUR

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Winery producing quality wines , white and red .
The winery was purchased in 2001 . Undertaken are construction and improvements in 2002 . was put into operation .

Capacity and level of workload :

Production facilities include a total area buildings – 1,449.10 m2 , land -12,374 m2
The winery is a winery of French type solid structure consisting of ward , manufacturing and administrative areas .
Reception unit is put into operation in 2002 . Has capacity of 25 tons of grapes per hour and is made of hromnikel .
Tanks with a capacity of 100 tons , 10 tons and 3 tons are made of hromnikel purchased in 2003 . and 2006 .
Other tanks with a capacity of 25 tons and 30 tons were reinforced .
Production of the winery is built on two levels with a total capacity of 660 m2
In 2003 . using SAPARD production capacity of the winery has been extended by another 430 square meters total – internal and external chrome vessels fitted with footbridges and a spiral metal staircase.
Total capacity of the winery – producing 1.2 million liters of wine per year .
The loading capacity is in the range of 70-75% / year of production 800000-900000 l / .
In the winery produced wines registered in the Patent Office of Bulgaria trademark and simple red and white table wines.

In 2005 he was created an array of vines area – 300.74 acres. Planted three varieties of vines :
- Cabernet Sauvignon – 200.00 acres
- Chardonnay – 80.00 acres
- Rubin – 20.74 acres
As required for the production of quality wines , the yield is not more than 1.5 kg. grapes from a vine. The number of vines per 1 ha is 454 units . Three quarters of the vines are producing Zaychev & SON LTD – Harmanli / Republic of Bulgaria / and the remaining ¼ of vines imported from WHKRAPP / Germany / .
In the vicinity of the vineyard is able to extend it . Area of 271,692 acres of land is right for a new planting .

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