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DENTAL CENTER 104 sq.m! TOP LOCATION! C. Sofia Price Bank !!!!

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Existing and preparing DENTAL CENTER 104 sq.m! TOP LOCATION! C. Sofia Price Bank !!!!

Auction of bailiff January 23, 2017

0897 33 85 85 – wire contacts!
Profit on documents 67 000 Levs
In photos:
1. Photos of the object
2. Sketch of the dental center / 104 sq.m / – at the bottom, 108 000 lev / 55 300 EUR
3. Other office / 51kv.m / upper – 52,800 lev / 27 000 EUR
4. Between them there / 55 sq.m / Dental X-ray and dental ortho high quality / Sold is /
. Revenue from the health insurance fund for one year.
4. Location!

Benefits of the project:

1. Developed study with 4 years of history and lively
2. Top location – the entrance to the subway station LYULIN i. E. between the seventh and eighth micro with approximately statistics about 150-170000 people. It is located near shops Billa and Technopolis, banks, residential buildings, offices of mobile operators.
3. The site is not paid management fee as in other luxury buildings at 500-800 lev or it makes lev 9600 a year for five years management fees would have been 45 000 lev / save from fees /
4. Fees payable – fee panoramic elevator – 20 lev SOD -25 lev Additionally, if you want a cleaner ?? !!
5. Advertising legalized with foundation / 1700lv / the entrance of the metro station
6. Neon Tooth of the building – which is visible at night than 1 km.
7. On the ground floor is a restaurant on the 1st floor Bodimet Clinic.
8. Overhaul !!!!! 2 weeks ago!

Location: 10 m. From the entrance to the subway station LYULIN i. E. between the seventh and eighth micro with approximately statistics about 150-170000 people. It is located near shops Billa and Technopolis. Center is located on the entire second floor of a luxury office building. Panoramic elevator.
Consists of:
1. Waiting Room;
2. Office;
3. Two fully equipped dental surgeries
4. WC;
5. Warehouse.
Walls painted, floor-tiles, aluminum windows, ceilings, wiring, air conditioning and heating, suitable for other types of medical activity. Sale of equipment. The site is registered in RHI and has all necessary sanitary permits and construction documents for carrying out medical activities. Contract with the NHIF.
The building has a proven builder with a use permit from 2010god. The area is 104kv. / On the second floor. An area with excellent communication and infrastructure. In – mostly in building functioning hospitals, eye clinic, radiology services, medical laboratory, dental clinic.
In 2011. company buys the property and then the required reconstruction and necessary contracts and licenses creates dental center for outpatient dental care.
 Comprehensive dental services include:
prophylactic conservative and therapeutic treatment; aesthetic dentistry; Pediatric Dentistry; orthopedic services; orthodontics; Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery; Paradontology; Dental implants; physiotherapy. Apparatus and equipment meet high quality standards. Form a closed cycle of diagnosis and treatment through partnerships with well equipped laboratory X-ray which is adjacent to the dental clinic and dental laboratories in Sofia.
Opportunities for jobs at the clinic are at least:
 - Four dentists and a surgeon / or maxillofacial surgeon / – assistant dentists.
It automatically generates five contracts with NHIF. On average they are approximately 1000 / choice 1100 BNL. payment under a contract with the NHIF. Which means that NHIF covers about 40% – 50% of the agreed package price to persons over 18 years. / Which includes two activities / while persons under 18. treatment is fully covered by the NHIF within four therapeutic activities. It is in general in terms of payments under contracts with the NHIF. In terms of medical activities outside pay contracts with NHIF prices are regulated and the principle of market pricing. Market efficiency of dental practices depend not only on modern equipment and adequate management of human resources. Dental practice allows special subscriptions and services for corporate clients.
All vehicles that enter the dental center are allocated on the following basis: 60% to 40% for clinic doctors but in most cases is a matter of agreement.
Please find enclosed information for payments from RHIF Sofia 2014. I want to say
- The amounts are under contracts with the NHIF only two dental medetsina,
 - The other two have worked only cash payment.
At the end of 2014. we ended all contracts due to problems with a partner and for this reason and we decided to sell the property with all the equipment of the company.
Offices for working to 5.08.2015 d reality!

On the first floor there is a clinic Bodimed!

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