Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
1 500 000 EUR

Complex 600m from the sea

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New price! No Precedent! – 1500,000 EUR! Old price 2,000,000 EUR!

New residential gated complex will be built adjacent to the “Palace” in Balchik and is located 600 meters from the shore.

The project envisages to build two units with a total gross floor area of 7,800 m2 Will be built on a plot of 3,140 m2 The site will be an extension of poluprizemniya floor opportunity to build a swimming pool.

The roof will be put solar panels that will feed the spa and restaurant, and the whole building will be gasified.

Variants of the sales of the complex:

1. Sale of the stage to the second floor of rough land + building + plans permit completion – 1500000 EUR

The project has been prepared by reference to the sponsor and visa chief municipal architect.

Provides for the construction of holiday homes complex with pool.

The complex consists of two blocks separated by a gap-bl.

“A” block. “B” pool for adults and children, parking – outdoor covered / floor tile used around the pool /.

Positioning of objects is consistent with the main pedestrian approaches and

cars in the displacement property, sea view, exhibition and functions of the two units under assignment of the assignor.

Bl. “A” is located in the northeast part of the property near the main street, with two entrances

Inlet “A” Inlet “B” are divided on all floors except the first.

On the first floor across the street to the front provides 4 shops for industrial goods, each of which has its own bathroom and entrance from a covered colonnade, which is scheduled to open parking.

Inlet “A” in the eastern part of the building and servicing of the unit, which provides housing-apartments.

Inlet “B” in the western part of the building, also with direct entry from the parking lot to the street. In the north and northeast are provided offices and in the south, one flat on each floor, which can be used as an office.

The link between floors of the two inputs is independent, with separate staircases and elevators, given number of floors of the building

On the first floor entrance. “And” is No. 3. apartment entrance. “B” – two offices + apartment.

The second floor contains the: entr-5 apartments ent.B – 2 offices and 1 suite

Third, fourth and fifth floors are a feature of the premises and contents identical to those of the second.

Different shape and size are some of the terraces.

Part of under cover space / southwest / 3 units are provided. studios with bathrooms and warehouses in North / lowest part / entr to the Governor and the room with a bathroom and storage – to the entrance. B

Warehouses are skylights for natural lighting and ventilation.

Bl. A compact volume is imposed by functional solution and architectural images. Due to the displacement requirement for direct access to shops and main levels of the two inputs, and because geological report / giving information about a large bank in the northern part of the property / – in the whole block is down cellar. Without special feature is set by the developer for the cellar floor design provides ramp access road, and connection to the pool. Vertical Communications / stairs and elevators / are carried to the winery where they are located machinery spaces. Since area and height n floors are large projects are provided in English gardens for natural lighting and ventilation in any future reconstruction response cloister.

Bl. B is determined as a pure home, with four entrances, forming sections terraced “hanging” on the field, where displacement is significant.

Each input / each section / contains two apartments per floor, 5 floors. The apartments are designed so that at least one room has views towards the sea.

In the southeastern part of the space under the roof also provides studios with bathrooms and storage areas to the northwest.

Under field conditions / topography and geology / sub block. B also has a basement floor toilette rooms, offices and warehouses. The southwest passage to the occupants of cars equipped with facilities for the concierge and security with bathroom

To the south and east of the two units are pool and sidewalks around it. They reflect the central yard, providing sunlight, views and comfort for both units.

Parking is on the boundary of the property and under the pavement of the pool as the lowest elevation of the terrain.

The apartments are of two types: one bedroom / one bedroom / and two / two bedrooms /

Furthermore bedrooms each with: hall, bathroom + WC room with dining area and kitchen – designed in a common area, private patio or balcony. In two bedroom apartments is provided a second bathroom-WC + sink

The buildings are massive. Solid construction, reinforced concrete roof and supporting structure, roof covering, “Onduline” on st.b concrete slab insulation and boarding.


Create holiday cheer and comfort with the application of natural materials. Facing stone-ground levels, colored mineral plaster, windows-PVC-glass – blue.


 walls, plaster, gypsum, plaster and latex

 floors, living room and bedrooms – laminated flooring

- Corridors and toilets-tiled

- Balconies – unpolished granite frost resistant

- Stairs and corridors – granite

bathrooms – suspended ceiling tiles and walls to ceiling

Planning indices

Area 3140.00 m2 plot

Area Blvd. A 584.00m2

Area Blvd. A 3242.00m2

Ground floor block. A 679.00m2

198.00m2 under roof Prostranstvovo

Bl.A 30 apartments

4 studios

Office / Studio 10

Panoramic Bar 1

Spa 1

Restaurant 1

4 Stores

Block B Area 529.00m2

Area Blvd. B 3038.00m2

46 Apartments

Atelier 7

Service Room 1

Premises security, porter 1

Pizemen 467.00m2 Floor Block B

164.00m2 under roof Prostranstvovo

Total Area 1113.00m2

Area 6280.00M2

Ground space 1146.00M2

362.00m2 under roof Prostranstvovo

Total area 7788m2

Adult pool 140.00M2

Children’s pool 20.00M2

PL = 35.4%



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