Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer


A lot of Bulgarian producers are startled by the characteristics and the requirements of international trade. Their behaviour is quite normal, considering that entering into foreign markets is associated with higher risk levels. However, when the producers realize that their production capacity is not used to its full potential and that the Bulgarian market is not able to absorb all of the goods they have manufactured, they start seeing the international markets as a logical place for growth while reaching full potential. To stay up to date with the rules, requirements, and expectations of international markets, it is essential for us to examine thoroughly the market niche in which we aim to realize.

This is in fact the start point of the whole process. Conducting a market research for sales purpose is a very complicated task. Through such research, we should find out information on prices, market competition levels, and target groups standards and purchasing power. The process requires not only time and human resources, but high levels of domestic market competence, and some knowledge and experience in marketing as a market influence. This is exactly why manufacturers from various fields in Bulgaria have relied upon our team of professionals.

There is no need to be a specialist in everything in order to increase your sales! It is important to produce quality goods and to be ready to create loyal, long-term partnerships because they are not only the basis for development in global economy, but its main driving force as well.

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