Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer

Housing sgrada with 8 apartments and 2 office at 550 meters from the beach

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Kranevo is located at: 1 km from the Albena, 10 km from Balchik, 7 km from Golden Sands

Zhilyaya sgrada a floor of 4 * 2 flats of 8kvartiri (from 56m2-do88m2) and 2 office (each 23.5m2), a swimming pool 30m2, 780m2 and land, is na550 meters from the beach in the quiet area of Kranevo.

UTB razpolozhenie is very convenient for a diverse and comfortable, as well as accommodation and cheap.

You have the possibility of eating luxuriously polzvavat standard world famous resorts (vodomornii sports, horses, sailing and so forth), and the evening will be in your own home.
For 15 minutes without a machine Wier is on the beach, and if you want the machine after 5 minutes and you can bathe in the sea.

Living in Bulgaria is very deshevo.Zdes zaplyati people get about 250 euros per month, and time to
If your intentions prozhivat in Kranevo whole year, is a 4 season climate, mild winter is not something more than 3 per month (in December January. Feb. Eats polozhitelnie temperature), March has good weather.
The beach can prebivat normalnya from early May to early oktebrya

The apartment is finished:
- Floor of the room, laminate flooring
- Paul terraces, corridors, toilet / bath, terracotta
- Walls and patalok-plaster, white paint
- Walls of toilet / bath-ware
- Light-vkladovon in the ceiling
- WC / bath-shower cabins (shower cubicle interpretation of fanatics, HD sanitary facilities), toilet ware, glass panels and vani (mivki)

For specific purchase, the price will be VKLADOVANI I:
-Air-conditioner in each room (bedroom, CHOL)

After clarification of the holder (customer)

A. FOR COMPLEX TSYALOGO – 550 000 EUR excluding VAT (VAT should not buy everything if the company) + ground
Two. 420 000 excluding VAT – interpretation house

Two. flats:

floor an office and an office for two 23.50 m2 each
floor flats 1 1-59 m2 – view
2-55 m2 – view

floor 2 flats 3-70 m2 – view
floor 2 flats 4-55 m2 – view

floor 3 apartments 5 – 70 m2 – sea view
apartments 6 -55 m2 – sea view

floor 4 apartments 7 – 81 m2 – Terrace + BONUS TOP 12 Krish M2 (the owner guarantees the cross / tolerance for revision or repair Krish) sea view 360 degrees. TOTAL 93M2

4 floor apartment 8 – 55 m2 – sea view
Apartment for sale WITHOUT LAND

The price of land – 780 m2 on two streets and OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUILDING ON ANOTHER HOUSE – £ 133,000 excluding VAT (170 E / m2)

If you buy TSELII objec, VIGODNO purchase 100% COMPANY AND THEN NOT’ll pay VAT. The Company has no ZODOLZHENIYA!!

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