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Factory towels and toilet paper

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Ltd. was established in 1999 to the present моментаосновнаядеятельностькомпании is the production of paper sanitary hygiene products the following types: toilet paper, napkins and handkerchiefs. Start of production of toilet paper is the first step in the enterprise. This fully corresponds to the actual point of the market – a deficiency of this product. The next stage in the development of the company – is the production of napkins, and in the last five years – and the production of nasal platkov.V recent years, the company will start production of cars

(Stonki) for processing of paper: automaticity Machine handkerchiefs stamped with and without partitions; machine for the production of toilet paper on the technology “point to point” and kitchen rolls, machine

manufacture of napkins, a machine for packaging (sealing is filled with packages) napkins,

toilet paper and kitchen rolls, guillotine for cutting toilet paper and kitchen rolls. Machinery characterized by good quality and reasonable prices. Production time 3-4 months after receipt of order.

It should be noted that the profit when they sell up to 400%. By the time of sale machines are implemented in Bulgaria and Moldova. The quest for accountability for the quality of products and for customers, puts

company among the leading manufacturers in the industry. This is one of the reasons why the company selected by – the performer and the

provider of humanitarian assistance in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Chechnya. Choosing a company to be – the supplier is made after the adverbial analysis capabilities and reliability, which it owns. Thus, the company has been operating for more than two years on various humanitarian projects. During this period, produced and

exported more than 15 million rolls of toilet paper, as well as other products, together with the Dutch company “RVB Trading” and the IFRC to OON.Sleduyuschy stage in the development company – is to buy land and build

own business in 1500 m2 with the possibility of two more floors dostraivaniya, each of 500 m2.Postoyanstvo in the company, the stages of its development, instill reliability and respect among customers. They see it as a serious

firm that performs the commitments and in time.

As a result, customers are as LLC

“Agiva” Company “Solaris – 999″, Ltd.

“Inkom”, LTD “Alta Blgariya” EAO

“Palomita” ET “Sagittarius” “Run”

Ltd. “Eco Komers,” bought a company

OOO production with their own business names and trademarks. This practice is known as

production of “Private label” and is another proof of the credibility and recognition as one of the company

reliable partner.Delaem Export to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Rumen, Turkish, Germany.

The basic maxim in Business Ltd – a “good quality at a good price.” This is how company policy and a flexible, fully oriented and open to clients for their requirements, and there is a formula

success of products officially registered the trademark “***********” and the reason for the large

demand on the Bulgarian market. The company maintains a stable contact with wholesalers, which puts it among the successful manufacturers and traders in this sector.

The activities of firms can be differentiated in three dimensions: industrial, commercial and social

activity. For social activities necessary to mention our support of sanitary – hygienic products for the Naval Hospital and the Hospital Infection Department of “St. Anna. “


Sector “Sanitary – Hygienic Products”

The leader in the manufacture of toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs and other sanitary paper products paper mill JSC “***************”, which more than 45 years on the market. In recent years, more and more audacious competitors are looking for leading positions, “***********”. This is no more than 4 firms, among which we are forming the second tier manufacturers of toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs and kitchen rolls for arms.

The competition between second-tier firms disputed and each aspires to a leadership position among the

them. This position would be closer to the positions of the company and the severity of the market, typical for the undisputed

leader – paper mill JSC “****************.” At this point in the market mazhnyh sanitary – hygienic

product is clearly marked level 3 / low, medium and high grade / terms of prices,

quality indicators and image producers and brands. Low class is characterized by the largest production volume. Players in this class with little or no change since the late 90th godov.Produkty this class

occupy about 50% of market share in this segment of the market. Made from recycled (recycled) paper scrap. A large market share that they hold, is caused by the low sale price.

The middle class is about 35% of the market segment is defined for this category of products. Products made from the fixed paper pulp, including faded otbroski – trimming and

fresh cellulose fibers. Products are characterized by good quality and relatively low cost.

High class takes about 15% and is represented mainly by the multi brands – and so in order to lower the price. national companies. Products made from 100% wood pulp, which includes fresh cellulose

fiber. Tisha paper, embedded in the production is made from modern, high-tech installations.

Products are characterized by excellent quality and a relatively high price. Consumption of paper sanitary – hygiene products in early 1990 of about 0.85 kg / year per person. To date, this figure is about 3.5 kg / year. Since the beginning of 2004 the producers tend to point out the partial convergence of price limits. On the one hand

multi – national companies have started to reduce the amount rasfasovok products from 120 g to 80 g, 100 pcs.

Napkin 70 pc. On the other hand wipes the Bulgarian producers have turned to high-end products to customers by offering better products at higher prices. An example of this toilet paper made from pure cellulose, three-layered, flavored with bonuses. It should be noted that the raw materials used is the same as for those, mainly used in the high category, and the difference in price is obtained from the lesser known brands and a lower advertising budget, which in most cases even otsutstvuet.Esli review

comparable import and Bulgarian products, install a difference in the prices of 30 – 50% in favor of the Bulgarian product. The trend is – Bulgarian products will increase their price because of a higher quality of

sought by some manufacturers, among which is ************. “Customer choice is gradually shifting the priority of the price – for the better kachestvu.Vnutrenny the market does not make an exception from the European and world trends towards increased consumption of sanitary – hygiene products. Statistical analyzes show an average increase of consumption in the EU by 10% compared with the previous year. The share of high-quality products / toilet paper, napkins and handkerchiefs / made from pure cellulose goes on about

70% of the total shares sold in the European market products. In the medium term is expected to increase

in the market value of about 30%. It may be noted that the market is relatively stable, indicating that growth based on “volume” of about 20%. It is expected that the market will become even more competitive, which benefits from the Bulgarian potrebitelya.Sektor “Production and supply of machines” (stonki) Ltd. “********” – the only manufacturer in Bulgaria of machines for further processing of sanitary – hygienic paper . With many years of professional experience in working with such machines, a few years ago, assembled a team that starts constructing the machine.

Most manufacturers of sanitary – hygienic products in Bulgaria micro or small businesses who can not afford expensive cars. That’s why the idea of “***************” create their own production

doobrabatyvayuschih paper machines, it becomes a reality, because in this way provides an opportunity for potential investors who invest in such vehicles and equipment, purchase equipment, which has

good quality and reasonable price, as opposed to equipment that is offered by European and Asian

proizvoditeli.V depending on the type of machine, when it is sold, it is possible to achieve profits of approximately

400%, which accumulates additional funding and allows the development and implementation of new ideas in connection with a constant

designed by the improvement of machinery and the use of more modern and tehnologii.Tehnicheskaya

moschnostTehnicheskaya management capacity of the company reflects not only the availability of essential resources, but also how they

managed and operated. Now cash processing equipment companies as follows:

Machine for the production of toilet

paper and kitchen rolls on

technology “point to point” – 1 pc. -

Machine for the manufacture of napkins -

2 items

Is the size of 24 cm – 2 colorful section

Is the size of 30 cm – four colorful sections

Installation for

handkerchiefs pressed without

sections – 2 pcs.

Installation for the production of handkerchiefs stamped with sections for the four-color pechatI1

Installation for multipak paketazha handkerchiefs, all working together palotochnih Machine

Guillotine for cutting toilet paper and kitchen rolls – 1 piece.

Machine for the manufacture of cardboard tubes

Machine for packaging (sealing), napkins, toilet paper and kitchen rolls – 2 pieces.

Machine for cutting toilet paper – Manual

Press, spare parts, office equipment

Manufacturing, warehouse and office are located in its own building with WHR (built-up area) 1480 sq. m. m (with

the possibility of two more floors dostraivaniya), each of 500 m2, built on their own land (1218 sq. m.). The building meets all standards and has the appropriate statute Industrial – Warehouse – Administrative and

zdanie.Avtopark production of “**************”


Truck – MAN – 1 pc.

Coach – 1 pc ..

VW Touareg SUV

The management capacity of the company reflects not only the presence of coherent structures, but also shows the dynamics of

management. The company does not make an exception to the majority of small companies in Bulgaria, where the owners are

managers and actively participate in a network of processes and management structure deyatelnostey.V the highest level is occupied by two shareholders – the Directors of “************.” One of them has a secondary technical education, “The Mechanic

KDVG “that determines its responsibility for all technical issues, support, maintenance, organization and control of production. He has over 15 years experience as a mechanic on the ship, as well as nine years’ experience in the firm and

essentially acts as a steward for the technical part. Practical knowledge and skills put

him as a very valuable specialist and leader in the management structure of the company. His direct reports – a change of rulers, like the rest of the servants employed in the industry – operators and upakovschiki.S responsibilities in connection with the management and administrative activities of the organization, is engaged in another ruler whose qualifications – higher education, “Electronic Computers”, and the average Technical Education “The Mechanic”. I Neg have extensive experience in the work, management and training of people with different professional

preparation, planning activities for the organization of production, logistics, repair operations, training personnel, conducting talks and negotiations. That delegated responsibilities and duties of a lower level of management, namely: – The manager of foreign trade, whose qualifications

degree in economics, “International economic relations” and “International Finance”. His responsibility: to carry out with partners and counterparts from other countries to conduct correspondence with them;

conduct trade negotiations, including abroad, organize and control activities for export and

import paperwork. Fluent in English and Russian languages.

- Manager of Internal Trade of whose qualifications are higher, “Ecology and conservation of the environment.” Some of the major duties and responsibilities of this position: sales organization in the country;

maintenance of contacts with clients; tracking cash flow of all goods and raw materials in stock, organizing the delivery to customers. He is also responsible for carrying them out in time. – Accountant – qualification degree in economics, “Accounting and control.” Performs all financial and accounting activities of the company, organizes and is responsible for maintaining accounting records. Produces monthly and annual financial -

accounts and balance sheets. Organizes and is responsible for the expenditure of material resources, and enters documents

ledger and maintain records, maintain a record of personnel, produce documents related to the disordered

labor relations.

Economic data (Economic Information 2010)

Total turnover of sales (real, real): 1507000lv (770000EUR)

Realized gain: 528 000 BGN (270,000 EUR)

Average monthly maintenance of the firm:

The average monthly allowance of “*********” is. 5900 EUR …………….. This amount includes expenditures for:

o workmen patches (Salaries); o social – security contributions (Social Insurance);

o electricity, gas, water (electricity, gas and water), o telecommunications (telecommunications)

o contracts for support facilities (Contracts for maintenance and outfits);

o support the building (Building maintenance; o insurance (Insurances) o fuel for cars (Car fuel)

o Assessment of the enterprise:

• Determinate raw materials and finished goods: 60 000 EUR

• Evaluation of machines and structures: 506 500 EUR.

Machine for production of toilet paper and kitchen rolls on technology “point to point” – 2 pcs. (Toilet paper and kitchen towel machine) – 96 000 EUR

Machine Napkin – 2 pcs. (Napkin machine) – EUR 50 000

Installation for the production of handkerchiefs pressed without sections – 2 pcs. (Handkerchief machine without printing sections) – 120 000 EUR

Installation for the production of handkerchiefs stamped with sections for the four-color printing, 1 pc. (Handkerchief machine with printing sections) – EUR 100 000

Installation for multipaka nasal palotkov – 70 000 EUR

Guillotine for cutting toilet paper and kitchen rolls, 1 pc. (Log Saw) – EUR 30 000

Machine for the manufacture of cardboard tubes (Log production machine) – 15 000 EUR

Machine for packaging (sealing), napkins, toilet paper and kitchen rolls – 2 pieces. (Packing machine) – EUR 10 000

Machine for cutting toilet paper – Hand – 3000 EUR

Press – 2500 EUR, APP – 5000 EUR

Office Equipment – 5000 EUR

• Assessment of real estate – 1,228,600 EUR

The site (land) in 1218 square meters, located in ZPZ (Western Industrial Zone) – all communication, shielded,

asphalted, gasified, ozelenen.-200 000 EUR (165 EUR/m2)

Industrial building (factory building) on three floors with a WHR 1480 m2 with the possibility of construction of the fourth and fifth floors of 500 m2. -1,028,600 EUR (695 EUR/m2) Construction of concrete performed as a classical

construction, masonry, insulation of the building, inside the cargo elevator, independent heating water boilers with natural gas, the distribution of electricity from an electrical transformer with the – with the property

video surveillance, alarm – Technical ohrana.Zdanie put into operation with the relevant

documents with the status of storage – the administrative and production facilities.

• Evaluation of the fleet (Assessment of the cars and trucks) – 48 000 EUR

- Truck (Truck) MAN – 1 pc. – 13 000 EUR.

- Coach – 1 pc. – 5000 EUR.

- SUV VW Touareg – EUR 20 000

- Peugeot 308 – 2011. – 10 000 E

• Trade mark “***********” – officially register – 200 000 EUR

• Bank loans – 200 000 EUR-WITH THE COMPANY

TOTAL price of *************** Ltd: 2,043,100 EUR, without VAT

FINAL PRICE: 1.45 million excluding VAT E Why sell a business?

If you want to say in one sentence: the beginning because of the seeker, inherent in man. What would not be a business, there are always moments that give rise to a desire to change. Change – it is a good start, and those who are engaged

business open and looking for people living with change. Business – is a change, constant motion, and

selling a business – just one option, one extension … The economy today is dynamic. Innovations and Opportunities

continuously increasing and becoming diverse. Call privlekaet.Kogda and the buyer seeking the identity of

- All this applies to him. And his chances of success and become unbounded if the purchase is responsible for his dreams. The correct course – is the sale of the business and the position of a new beginning based on experience and acquired skills. Change is a good thing, even when a person has to be divided with the fact that he created, and how he lived. Sell

your business – this is a struggle between emotion and reason, between prudence and hopes.

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