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4 650 000 EUR

Plant for Dairy Products

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The plant has a registered capital of less than two million lev. Production of dairy products. The plant is located 150 km from the Romanian border. Located in Central Bulgaria! The company specializes in the production of dairy products with the addition of vegetable fats and without. There is also the possibility for the production of natural products containing only milk. The product range includes soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses with and without the presence of vegetable fats. Optimal capacity currently working one shift, about 520 tonnes of finished products per month. If necessary, it can work in two shifts.
1. Plant has two water wells that provide for the needs of industrial activity water. There exists a link with the public network.
2. Production For a power substation with 630 kV substation / A. We have permission to build a hydroelectric power plant (HPP) on the premises of the building. It will work to meet the electricity needs of the factory. Yantra River flows through the property, where there was a cascade of water mills in the past.
3. Steam production is built independent propane butane gas station and a gas heater. Second additional boiler running on heavy fuel.
Available equipment:
1. Two receivers – coolers and milk flowmetry with a capacity of 10 ton per hour to 20 ton per hour.
2. Total volume of container for receiving 160 tons.
3. Heat treatment may be carried out with the aid of three pasteurizer. There are two homogenizer and separator osmetanitel(device standardization)
4. Production workshops:
Workshop for three types of cheese. ;
Shop for cheese
Room for oil
Room cottage
Coolers 4 pcs.
The total area of 8641 square meters area of 1143 square meters already has its own treatment plant.
In the factory has 60 employees.
Production activities are conducted “Company 1″ It is wholly owned by “Company 2″.
“Company 2″ – transport and logistics, have their own vehicles. Milk container for 3-axis and two-axle truck 1. Refrigerated Trucks – 2 – axes each weighing 26 tons, 2 axes, each with a total weight of 19 tonnes, and three buses each with a total weight of 3.5 tons . 9 appointed by the driver and two organizers and maintenance. Logistics takes place in Bulgaria with their own transport.
Market: Clients for sale throughout the country for over 60 large customers. Including: Billa, Penny Market.
Export: Greece, Cyprus, Romania, France, England, Spain, the USA and Australia.
Storage. “Company 2″ has its own logistics center – warehouse cold storage capacity of 2,800 cubic meters and the administrative part. It employs 15 people, including the integration of warehouse workers and managers.
It is located in the industrial part of town, an area of 10 acres. Congestive area is 800 m2 plot with modified and ready for new technology: project dairy products. Building new wastewater related to urban wastewater treatment plant is designed to take future needs of dairy products. Own CCTS is two cells 630kV / 900 kV / A. Plot gasified gas. Profit for 2013 after an audit certification is appropriate – “Company 1″ 400 423 Levs and “company 2″ 9255 lev

1. The daily capacity of the plant: There are several programs of production. Number of products depends on its type.
A) Cheese: capacity is 2200 kg cheese per day (cheese with vegetable oil for pizza)
B) Cheese (with vegetable fat) of 14000-23000 kg per shift. Summer is practiced in two shifts (during the summer) when sales are above the norm.
C) Oil: capacity is about 700 kg of butter per day, but may be added (mixed) with vegetable oils. And depending on the percentage of the milk, and vegetable oils may reach the end product 2300 kg per day.

The maximum capacity during the day can reach 30,000 kg of cheese with vegetable fats.

Capacity for Natural Dairy maximum 13,000 kg per day.

- The minimum price at which you sell (firm 1) 3 300 000 €. Including and hydropower projects.

- In a possible interest in logistics (company 2), where the price is € 1,350,000
The price includes the whole plot of 10 acres to the project and new technology enterprise.

Price for both companies: 4 6500 00 EUR

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