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Factory parquet

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The factory was founded in 1991. As the first private factory for the production of parquet in Bulgaria. Developed their own system of quality control, precision processing of every detail and well organized production line permit good production capacity and competitiveness imperative, that factory for 23 years imposes on the Bulgarian market. Moreover, the company has successfully expanded its business horizons abroad, partnering with companies from many countries.
        Activity of the company is the production of interior and exterior wood flooring from different hard deciduous tree species, production standards, consistent with international requirements and with the permission of the Ministry of Health for environmentally friendly product.
     The company is a member of the Branch Chamber of Woodworking Industry in Bulgaria.
    The factory has a skilled management and executives for the implementation and control of the woodworking processes.
Factory, plant and equipment.

Separate for cutting and sawing wood with a capacity of 10m3 1 / one / shift. Has the following machines:
  – Gang bantsing -1br
  – Bantsing for cutting – 2.
  – Penduli -2pcs
  – Conveyor belts
  These machines form 2 / two / lines for the production of moldings.
The workshop is connected to the aspiration for self-cleaning, as there is a system for video surveillance control workflow.
Workshop parquet
Has the following machines:
       – Four-sided processing machine
- Four-sided processing machine which forms the groove and feather on the long side of the piece
- Machine for making groove and feather on the short side of details
- Transport Cote
These machines form a production line work.
In the workshop there is parquet and second production line which consists of:
- 3 / three / span shaft grinding
- Transport line
- Etching machine
- Conveyor dryer
- UV – machine coating of primer and varnish
- UV – oven baking varnish
- Machine for packing of finished products
The shop has a compressor station for the air supply to the machinery. Has a self-cleaning aspiration. In this workshop, also has a video surveillance system workflow.
Enterprise has built and operated 9 / nine / dryers, with a total capacity for drying a load about 6000m2 and 160m3 timber. The drying is done by steam produced from the boiler. The capacity of the steam boiler is 4.5 tons of steam per hour. The steam produced by burning only waste products of the two working workshop. Thus obtained low-cost drying of the material, as well as environmental effects on combustion. Here also has a video surveillance system

The factory has a repairing mechanical workshop equipped with:
- Gluing machine and grinding belts
- Grinder machines for sharpening saws with carbide with diamond discs
- Other support tools for the job
Here also has a video surveillance system.
To now has built administrative building consisting of 6 / six / working office furnished with office equipment and office equipment. , sanitary facilities for administration staff. For staff working there are separate toilette rooms and bathrooms.
Now has its own transformer.
There is also a steam plant for heating the whole predpriyatie.Fabrikata is powered by 2 / two / water source.
- Forklift capacity 4.5 tons
In the whole enterprise has a security system / alarm systems / and full video of the entire enterprise.
Using the IP address is monitored workflow, and security of the factory.
The size of the enterprise is 11000m2- up area is about 5000m2.
The company has two protected patent for utility model.

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