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6 900 000 EUR

Factory for canned leading

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    Single member limited liability
2. LOCATION – Central Northern Bulgaria
    Registered Address: – Sofia
     The company is managed and represented by the sole shareholder:
     The main activity of the company is:
- Purchase of fruits and vegetables
- Canned,
- Business at home and abroad
Management Structure
Owner of the company

Representative of the owner

Sofia Office



Head Guard Chief Technologist
laboratory technicians stores
P-l production electrician labor protection

5. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE COMPANY. Property ownership.

    History of the company began in 1998 at the time of purchase of long-Former State Factory 67% Partner 33% Republic of Bulgaria is represented by the Ministry of Industry.
       In 1999, state participation is purchased in full.
      Property ownership is the land production facilities, warehouses and other premises, machinery, equipment, vehicles, furniture and fixtures.
     Land – 29.8 acres.
     Built buildings – production, storage, administration, steam plant, workshop, station, locker rooms and more. total built-up area – 5870 m2
     In early 2005 an overall reconstruction and modernization of the production buildings, in 2007 – storerooms. In 2009 was built and equipped workshop for organic production of cans.
      Since 2007 the company has been certified by TUV standards ISO 22000 and IFS. In 2010 the factory was certified for the production of organic food in assortment and leaves are 5 types of organic prepared meals.
      Since the beginning of 2012 implemented a two-year investment project for construction of site drainage and asphalting of the courtyard, new flooring, rehabilitation of steam plant, the purchase of new machinery and equipment. The investment project is a European measure is worth two million lev
    Cannery issued all necessary registrations, permits, licenses legally regulate its production activities such as:
certified under the Food Act, sanitary permit, a permit from Ageintsiyata in food permit from the Basin, contracts for services in occupational medicine and all other required documents by the Bulgarian legislation.

The activity of the company is characterized by:
- Maintaining high quality products
- Straightforward investing activities in the direction of buildings, infrastructure and modernization of production lines in order to quantitatively and qualitatively improve products
  – Creation of new lines and assortments
  – Inovatizam and strategic forecasting this type of business
  – Consistently developing and expanding markets.
6. Market positions and strategies DEVELOPMENT
Our activity is focused
For the period 2002 – 2012 in the market positions of the external market has gained priority over internal as took 85.9% of total production.
Our activity is focused implementation of new strategies and new technologies to meet the requirements of today’s dynamic globalized world.
   Cannery supports flexible manufacturing large assortment groups, which is a function of contracts, as well as work and offers new products for the domestic market.
   Primary and attention is focused on vegetable cans, though there are a great experience and the production of fruit.
    EU market and particularly in Germany are particularly sought its products such as Ivar sweet and hot, stew – ready meal ragutsa, Calvo-all, Calvi with cabbage, rich man’s pepper, Lombardy – cut, bell peppers purposes fiferoni chili and other chilies.
    Manufactures and sells cans of Russian ethnic group in Germany under special recipes such as marinated tomatoes, tomatoes – assorted spices in the gherkin Russian flavor salads gherkins. Foreign partners are:
  “Henry LaMotte”, “Koch”, “Wünsche” “Helrigel”, “mountain”, “Linda Fudd” Ooo-Germany “alloy”, “Bulgarfud Russia.
     Internal market offer a full range of traditional preserves such as unpeeled tomatoes, gherkins – Ordinary and Extra, paprikash, green beans, peas, stew, chili pepper “Makedonka” tomato paste, “Royal pickle” other types of pickles. In recent months created an offer ready meals original Bulgarian recipes that are looking with interest as – mish mash beans monastery, raztraska beans, beans in rural, pole beans, dzhurkana nettle, rice with mushrooms, lentil stew. In the domestic market also sell assortment for German companies.
   Depending on the specific demands of our customers in Bulgaria and abroad and we are able to proceed with the production of canned vegetables in their recipes.
    The packaging is done in glass containers with lids tuistof in standard sizes: 314 ml, 370 ml, 580 ml, 720 ml, 1000 ml, 1700 ml and 2650 ml.
    Packaging of some ready meals and use cans: 425 ml, 850 ml, also box – 4250 ml. Advantage of the company’s largest package designed for catering.
     These packages are labeled as in our own labels with the company logo, as well as the customer can order through us or submit your done with the language preference.
     Members of the administrative, production and sales team of the company are professionals with years of experience.
      Since its inception as a private company in 1998 cannery has come a long way to go and lay solid foundations of the production and development of the markets for its range of canned vegetables and is the preferred trading partners.


   At present, the factory has filled 55-60% of its capacity. The reason is not lack of markets or other, but in insufficient facilities for pasteurization and sterilization as well as in the continuous mode of sterilization produced variety.
With the investment in the 2014 season will be commissioned horizontal autoclave and pasteurizer which the expected increase in volumes will be around 20%.
   Imposed by the German market product range of ready meals – Ivar, casseroles, pinxhur require long regimes therefore compartment heat treatment has a 24 hour load, unlike other workshops – sterile and preparatory workload 8-12 hours.
    Therefore investment projects under the new machinery and equipment is aimed at the purchase of pasteurizer and sterilizer.
    Capacity, current time is 2000-3000 tons of finished product of which 500 – 600 tons is Ivar, 400-500 tons – stew, Lombardy-350-400 tons and more.


- Availability of trained managerial and specialist staff
- Secured raw material from farmers we work with 2002
- Permanent materials suppliers
- Established market position in Germany
- Ensure flow of the production process
- Lower energy costs – steam plant to production facilities
- Own sources

    – Area, production, storage, administration and others. —– 5870 sq.m
   – Land with infrastructure-23,000 m2
   – Means of transport
   – Machinery and equipment

TOTAL PRICE – 6.9 million euros.

The Company has fixed assets – stocks, finished goods, raw materials for the production of about 1.2 to 1.7 million €.

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