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Plant for production of alcohol and highly alcohol beverages

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Presentation  of a plant for production of alcohol and highly alcohol beverages
The plant for production of ethyl alcohol / alcohol / and highly alcoholic beverages started operating in 2002. It is located in the industrial zone of the town of Sliven, the Republic of Bulgaria, 100 km. from the port of Burgas and from the borders with Turkey and Greece.

1.Subject of activity – the plant is a licensed manufacturer of ethyl alcohol / alcohol / and highly alcoholic beverages – vodka, gin, grain alcohol, mastic
We hold “ Production license ” No ***** from ******.2007 of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Bulgaria and license for the management of a tax warehouse No *** of the Customs Agency. They are enclosed in the letter. In the enclosed production license, all the beverages which the plant can produce are described together with the list of equipment.

Ethyl alcohol is intended for use in the food industry and refers to the category of rectified spirit. It is produced in no-less than 96.2 volume percents and meets the requirements of the Bulgarian and the European legislation. The organoleptic qualities of the alcohol are very good. It is distinguished by its mild flavour and taste.
The technology allows the alcohol to be produced from crops such as wheat, corn and other as well as from molasses. The latest technologies with the use of enzymes and yeast are applied in the production.
Technology for the production of fruit distillates is used.
The production facilities are new, designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of the plant by leading Bulgarian designers and manufacturers. The capacity of the rectification plant is 5000 liters per 24 hours. The plant has tanks with a total capacity of over 1000 cubic meters. The total area of the plant is 25000 square meters, of which the built-up area is 10000 square meters, including production and storage areas, workshops, garages and more.
The plant owns a bottling line for highly alcoholic beverages with a capacity of up to 2000 pieces per hour.
It consists of:
1. A unit for rinsing bottles
2. A filling unit – 2 pieces
3. A capping unit
4. A labeling machine
5. Transportation routes
6. Buffer tanks – 3 pieces
7. Filters
8. Bottle counting device

According to Regulation No 3 of the Ministry of Finance, Energy and Tourism and the National Customs Agency an Integrated Communication System for Monitoring and Computer Control has been implemented.

2. Management – The managers and the specialists of the company are graduated experts in the field of technology of food processing industry and economics, highly experienced, each within its own field. Five people work in the company at the moment.

3. The buildings and the facilities of the plant are located in the industrial zone of the town of Sliven.

1. Production unit – built-up area –                                                                                                                    2729 square meters
2. Storage Facility for materials – built-up area –                                                                                                  659 square meters
3. Storage Facility for empty bottles and finished goods – built-up area –                                                           3 446 square meters
4. Shed – built-up area –                                                                                                                                     216 square meters
5. Power substation – built-up area –                                                                                                                  155 square meters
6. Garage with repair shop – built-up area –                                                                                                        894 square meters
7. Pump house- built-up area –                                                                                                                             98 square meters
8. Water body – built-up area –                                                                                                                          110 square meters
9. Checkpoint – built-up area –                                                                                                                             19 square meters
10. Residential building with a total floorage                                                                                                       2037 square meters
Buildings, total ………………                                                                                                                        10363 square meters
11. Fence length 321 meters
12. 513 cubic meters of concrete covering constructed with merited right of construction on municipal land.
13. Power substation

630KMVV-20 Transformer 2
3015-5 А Electrical measurement. transformer 6
ПК-24 Voltage transformers 2

4. Assortment. The plant has license for the production of ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, grain distillate, vodka, gin, aniseed-flavored spirit drink “Mastic”, grain brandy, spirit of cereals, mint liqueur.

5. The plant produces minimal quantities of those listed in the license.
6. The plant has no liabilities towards the country.
7. The trademark is “*******”.
8. The plant has gasification and there is an excellent access to it.
9. The plant can be converted to bio ethanol production and the vacant production areas together with the vacant warehouses allow its capacity to be increased manifold.
Except for the production of alcohol, the plant can be used for the production of alcoholised fruit and all kinds of food or the buildings could be adapted for a logistics center or hypermarket for construction or other goods; it is suitable for production of biomass electricity.

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