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75 000 EUR

Company for international transport

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Company for international transport

Is the operating transport company for sale with an annual profit of 90 000 BGN / 46 000 EUR?

The company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of transport.

Our main activity is located in the Republic of Germany, where we work with companies such as

Deutsche Post DHL, Dachser SE, DPD Logistics and other large German companies.

The staff is highly qualified and very responsible. It consists of 4 people – 1 dispatcher and three drivers.

Our trucks have a maximum weight of 7.49 tons and are in excellent technical condition:

Mitsubishi Fuzo Euro 6, 2014 – 120,000 km

Mitsubishi Fuso Euro 5, 2013 200,000 km

Mercedes Vario Euro 4 2007 – 650,000 km

In addition, we have a subcontractor with my truck

The average annual profit is 90 000 levs / 46 000 EUR /

The selling price of the company is 75,000 euros.

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