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3 850 000 EUR

Canning factory

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Main business is processing and production of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Currently the company uses capital loans serves.
Finished products with semi located in the warehouse of the company is about 800 thousand Levs
The factory is located at 34000 sq.m , total area 16,000 m2 and volume of 81 000 m2 , in central Bulgaria c. Plovdiv in one of the most developed vegetable-growing area .

Description of activity
The main activity of the company can be summarized into three groups:
- Production of products of canned fruits and vegetables
- Production of frozen fruits and vegetables
- Refrigeration services
The annual capacity of the factory at work one shift during the season of fruits and vegetables :
- Manufacture of canned products – up to 5000 tons
- Production of frozen products – up to 3000 tons
- Storage of frozen products – up to 10,000 tons
In securing the purchase of 100% of production , which means year-round work on a three-shift system capacities will increase 12-16 000 tons canned and frozen products.
Hallmark of the food produced by us is the lack of preservatives , fillers and stabilizers.

Organization , structure and management .

The structure of the management and production management links we have provided in a separate scheme . Below we will list the key management figures, their qualifications and experience in the industry.
1. Manager – higher entity ; over 18 years of experience in factory
2 . Director – Higher Education and over 18 years experience in the industry
3 . Chief Technologist – higher education over 30 years experience in the industry
4 . Chief Engineer – higher education and over 23 years of experience in the industry
5 . Chief Accountant – higher education over 23 years of service
6 . Head of marketing and packaging – secondary education and over 23 years of experience in the industry
7 . Laboratory – secondary education and over 23 years experience in the industry
8 . Foreman – secondary education and over 28 years experience in the industry
9. Head cold store – secondary education over 18 years of experience primarily as material responsible
10 . Accounting Department – secondary education with over 18 years experience
11 . Supply – secondary education experience in the industry for over 30 years
All our other staff are employees with significant experience , in particular in this factory .
Our seasonal workers mainly from settlements. The majority of them have extensive experience in canning . Depending on the workload of the production / mainly in season from July to November / hired seasonal workers reach over 250 people .

The industry in which we work is strategic for the Republic of Bulgaria . Production of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables is associated with long standing traditions in Bulgaria in this sector of the food INDUSTRY.WE judge your company as a medium capacity and as good in terms of competitiveness . Our advantages are :
- We built a basic refrigeration facilities with one new tunnel for shock freezing solo and 2 stationary shock tunnel.
- Refrigerant complex minus 4 cameras x 2000m3 each, and 3 + camera with pre-cooling and storage of our main fruit and vegetable raw materials and storage of commercially frozen products
          - Main replacement of machinery and equipment for canning and refrigeration for production.
- Advantageous geographical location near the fruit and especially vegetables , and major manufacturers of packaging materials and packaging.
- Already accumulated management experience in the industry and create lasting relationships with external business partners and local suppliers of raw materials.
- Well-developed management structure and qualifications of key personnel .

Market environment.
The main factors that form the market environment in which they operate can generally be summarized in the following areas:
An increasing share of exports of canned and frozen fruit and vegetables pretentious but tender capable and trustworthy in the Russian market
Higher culture of consumption of such products in Bulgarian client. This is related to the change of lifestyle and the emergence of new domestic quality food in modern packaging and meet international standards of nutrition
Continuously updated and modernized producing companies by imports of high – efficient equipment .


During the years of its existence , since 1995 , cannery production is performed for a large range of clients . On average, over 90% realization of our production has been exported.

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