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Tinning factories

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Description of the company and its activity

Cannery was established in 1936 by 11 cooperatives, 300 members and “Popular Bank” organized in a cooperative venture to produce tomato paste and canned food. After 1944 the factory was nationalized and expanded several times. In 1996 it was privatized.
Main business is processing and production of canned fruits and vegetables.
Currently, the company enjoys working capital loans serves.
The factory is located in the center of Bulgaria, on the main road Sofia – Varna, 15 km. Airport Gorna Oryahovitsa and has its own railway track. Area of ​​the enterprise is about 90 000 sq.m. built-up area is 16,500 square meters

Description of activity

  The maximum volume of production where there is a factory in seasonal work is 6000 tons per year. In year-round utilization of the total could reach 15,000 tons canned production. The Company has the following buildings: steam plant of oil and solid fuel, an administrative building of two floors with a canteen, production hall divided into three workshops second production hall divided into two units with adjoined to it warehouse, storage of materials, and more several cellars halls point for technical control of vehicles, 20 ton and 50 ton scales and others. In 2005, the production premises were sanitized in the “SAPARD”. Has completed two projects: the first is about € 1.2 million for repairs and refurbishment, and the second for 1 million lev for machinery and equipment. The factory has a major share in the production of green peas and peeled tomatoes in Bulgaria. It has production lines for almost all types of fruit – canned vegetables, green peas, green beans, tomatoes, sterilized cucumbers, paprikash, letcho, marinated peppers, roasted red pepper, roasted peppers, ajvar, stew, tomato paste, almost all types of compost jams, marmalades and canned ready meals.

Managerial team and staff

The company has a qualified staff, including manager with over 35 years of experience in the canning industry, chief technologist, shift managers, chief warehouse and sales managers. Our seasonal workers are primarily from the region. The majority of them have extensive experience in the canning production. Depending on the workload of production / primary season in July-November / hired seasonal workers reach over 250 people.

Are embedded control system ISO 9001: 2000 standard and NACCR IFS – 6.

Market environment and customers.

Large share of production is intended for export to Russia, Germany, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Poland and the USA.
In the domestic market the company has contracts with almost all retail chains and large companies. Realized production as their own trademarks and trade names of their respective companies and chains.


The location of the enterprise in the central part of Bulgaria and the size of the field, existing premises, give ample opportunities for restructuring, upgrading of existing and creation of new industries in the food and non-food industries. The total area of ​​the land is parceled into several separate pieces, which allows the construction of logistics base and center of commercial and industrial activities.
1. All kinds of glass jars and cans of 200 g. To 5 kg.
2. The plant has three plants for the production of almost all kinds of canned fruits and vegetables, namely:
    - Line of peeled tomatoes
    - Line aivar, chutney
    - Line compotes / Cherry and pitted cherries /
    - For jams and marmalades
    - Line of green peas
    - Line stew, paprikash, letcho, green beans, etc. ready meals
    - Line of canned marinated / gherkins, peppers and others. /
    - Lines for labeling and packaging of glass jars and cans.
3. We are currently working mainly with retail chains in Bulgaria and Romania
4. Permanent staff – 50 in season 200
5. Percentage of profit – 20%
6. Turnover for 2014 years- 3.5 million BGN
7. There are contracts with retailers and large commercial companies in Bulgaria and Rumaniya.Proizvezhda production for these customers with their brands, and also now has several own brands.
8. Types of production
    - Whole peeled tomatoes and diced
    - Green peas
    - And green beans
    - Gherkin
    - Stew
    - Piperidine hot fiferoni, rosehip, feferoni, red and green peppers, bell peppers and others.
    - Tomato paste and tomato sauces
    - Chutney
    - Eggplant, zucchini
    - Compotes – peeled peaches, apricots, plums, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and sour cherries and pitted
    - Jams and marmalades from strawberries, raspberries, cherries, rose hips, apricots, peaches and others.

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