Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
750 000 EUR

Canning factory

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The plot is 51dka. With built drainage, power supply with 20 kV., Transformer with 2 pcs. total capacity of 1320kw.,

2 pcs. own water sources by permission of vodopolzvane.Zastroenata area is 7200 square meters, three artworks. workshop

utility rooms, warehouses, site, office building, gas station, 15t.kantar. The site is surrounded by an array-

All ograda.Proizvezhdat of canned fruits and vegetables, vine and cabbage leaves, jams and marmalades.

/ Zell. peas, green beans, gherkins, tomatoes, letcho, stew, pepper stew, white briar, fiferoni, salads, home. paste, Iqra, ajvar, Chutney

roasted peeled peppers, roasted eggplant, eggplant dom.sos, beans in tomato sauce and dr.zel.k st, compotes,

jam-on plum jam, apple, rosehip.

Workshop Canned kapats. 80t.za-day stakl.i cans, washing unit konveiri, dosing machines, zalivachki, zatvarachki,

12 pieces. autoclaves, hoists, line of tomatoes and sauce, gravy varachno compartment, storage and packaging pom.materiali, line

adopting zel.grah, treatment, blanching and cooling, calibrator, 3pcs. blanshori, 3br.fasulochistachi, 2br.rezachki for

vegetables 2br.zatvarachni machines cans 2br.mesomelachni machines blanshorni cisterns, 4 pcs., washing machines and fan brush-4pcs., full member

nachna mass flotation liquid washes and purifiers-3pcs., trasini-3pcs, elevators, 3pcs.

Workshop jam-kapats.12t. per day, 3pcs. vacuum apparatus 2br.vakuum barometrik pumps, 2 pcs. Dispensing machines, zatvarachki jar, 5 avtoklava.telfer.

Vacuum shop-shutters. 24t.za day 6br.vakuum devices connected at the plant in barometric condenser and vacuum pumps, 2 pcs. discharger with a pump power

of dozirkite, craft pulp, screw razparvachi for raw pasirki, pumps, piping.:

Line baking, peeling of the pepper-Cap. 8 tons., 2BR.tunelni chushkopeka electricity. with power and control panel, conveyor with elevator, peeling device inspection tape 5br.avtoklavi.

Parokotelna-four tons of steam per hour boiler fuel oil, 4 t / ‘h, water pumping stations, 2 pcs., Inst. 4 pcs. pompi/2br.rezervni water /

Line handling of finished goods-plate conveyor, electronic printer / HITACHI / stacker machine.

Internal transport br.motokari/3t-3 /.

Agricultural machinery-3br.traktori, 2br.remarketa, 3pcs. grahokombayni / Herbord / seeder, cultivators, irrigation pumps, pipes, sprinklers, spray motor him.preparati.

Transport-Iveco van, patn.mikrobus/17choveka/-Pezho, truck MAZ, Ford Courier.

Average listed personnel 2011g.-71br.

Production for 2011. Zel.konservi-1500., Leaves 188 tons., Jams and marmalades 212 tons.

green peas, beans, grain 720t.zelen 125 tons., frozen peas, 210 tons.

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