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290 000 EUR

Foundry plant

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The price was reduced from 590 000 EUR 290 000 EUR, in the moment – so worth the price of / land, buildings, equipment /

Comprehensive Production (closed) machining to finished product. The products are cast in our own foundry (with 600 kg electric induction furnace).
Overall machining using a set of machines, which now has.

Production / Activity:
- Valves (license HONEYWEL)
- Wedge double-disc gate valves water
- Check valves and dampers
- Filters and other carbon and stainless steel

The property is gasified, with pipes leading to each building.
We also have administrative offices and dining room staff.
Comprehensive representation of Production (closed) machining to finished product (mainly valves).
The products are cast in our own foundry, has 3 pieces – 600 kg, electric induction furnaces.
The furnaces are cooled by an overall cooling system, consisting of two water towers, below which is located a swimming pool of 6 to 4 m and 5 m deep.

The foundry has 1 more separate steel room 1000 m2 with a two-ton hoist moving along the entire length of the building, which has a separate panel for another 3 number furnaces if production needs require it.
In outdoor storage is 2 shot blasting machines for cleaning castings or finished products.

Now has a separate building for the overall machining, used a wide range of different machine programming and universal machines, which has Knez. If you are interested we can send you a list of machines.

Production / Main activities: – control valves (license HONEYWEL) – Wedge water double-disc gate valves – check valves and valves – filters and other carbon and stainless steel Production of design documentation for products and foundry models is done in 3D modeling with the help of Software CAD-CAM class IDEAS NX.
We have a catalog of our products

Our clients are companies from the chemical and petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, energy, district heating, water supply, irrigation and others.

Development of design documentation for products and foundry models is done in 3D modeling with the help of CAD-CAM software class IDEAS NX.

Area Utility / Foundry

Total area / land: 8860 m2

Area: 3805 m2

1. Steel Foundry – 1st floor Area: 962 m2
2. Steam Station – 756 m2
3. enamel – 932 m2
4. Building iron casting workshop with administrative building – 1155 m2
5. Closed stores – 456 m2

Inventory of machinery and equipment

Casting Equipment

1. Induction furnace 600 kg PI 600 with PULSE FOR MANAGEMENT – 3 pcs:

• Induction Electric 600 kg PI600-complete set, working
• Electric PI600 – metal structure equipped with hydrocylinders and inductor / coil.
• Electric P600 – only metal construction
• Control panel: The facilities are with a metal workstation for servicing the furnaces and installation of the thyristor converter, control cabinets – 2 pcs.

2. Two 1-tone chain crane with movable arms.
3. Metal composition analyzer Spectro-analytical instrument ARL 3460, thermo, Sweden
4. Ventilation system to building № 1 of Deed №37 / 2004.
5. ELPROM Balchik 45 KW
6. Water-cooling towers (for cooling of foundry furnaces) – 4 pcs.
7. Pools for cooling furnaces – 2 pcs. / 3m at 6m; 5 m depth / in buildings №1 and №6 of Deed №37 / 2004.

8. (Scraper-press forming machine FORMAT – 2 pcs.
9. Forklift Balkancar 3t.
Device for the production of crushed sand (Installation for clad Sand with a tower)
11. Collector Mixer of Castor Finger (1.30 Diameter / 1.90 Height 5.5 KVA)
12. Closed transformer post 20 kV with own transformer 100 kWA.
13. Compressor – 2 pcs.
14. Teflon installation and chain hoist 250 kg.
15. Complete wiring installation and crane path with wire-1 item.
16. Foundry crates
A crucible bucket
- small
- great
18. GRP – Natural Gas Gas Regulator Raba. At 6-inlet, at 3 atm. (Together with a usage permit).
19. SOT installation in two buildings.
20. CCTV cameras – 13 pcs. Along with a DVR recording system and an online monitoring capability.

1. Universal lathes:
-C11M – 2 m

1. 1 PC 203-desktop
2. Radial VR5A MAS
3. Шмиргел 2 pcs
4. Manual screw press
5. OWD Dust Pump – 1000A (7822 kg)
6. Colegrano 1.70 diameter / 1.20 height 18.5 kVA

7. Шмиргел Шлосерски professional 2 pcs.
8. Electro Krakra U3A-E05U

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