Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
295 000 EUR

Workshop pasta working with clients

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In Workshop pasta currently employs 6 people, producing about 2,000 pieces snacks , sandwiches, cakes , traditional cakes and other bakery products , goods delivered to the customer by three distributors.
We produce and offer frozen semi-finished products, which load facilities in Gorna Oryahovitsa ( Tavern Bulgari, May Day Restaurant , Tavern Churukovets , etc. ) Arbanasi ( Spring Tavern , Tavern Spider ) Lyaskovec and Veliko Tarnovo.
Workshop is authorized by all the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation , even now has a new re-registration requirements
The Food . We work with several schools in Marchaevo ( “Ivan Vazov ” School ” Vicho Grancharov ‘ school in the village Vurbitsa etc.). , Charging General Hospital in Gorna Oryahovitsa already about five years , large stores, like Max and Mark many other shops in the town of Veliko Tarnovo , Gorna Oryahovitsa, Elena , Zlataritza and surrounding villages. The business is operating and profitable , we are ready to be provided with all formulation and technology with all customers and suppliers in order not to feel a change when changing the owner.


Multifunctional between residential and business building consists of 4 separate sites with separate deeds :

1 working workshop for the production of pasta, provided market and supply contracts to suppliers , office,
Property is ¼ shares of the yard 487 m2 and a gross floor area of 187 sq.m of workshop and 16 m2 office .
2 home, located on the first and second floor as a separate object , consisting of: entrance hall with , hallway, living room , kitchen, two bedrooms with a common entrance and bathroom , bedroom with entrance and bathroom on the first floor with area 105 m2 four bedrooms, hallway and bathroom , corridor and staircase located on the second floor with an area 116.70 m2 , storage room with a floor area 19 square meters and two attic storage areas with an area 182 m2
The property is ideal parts of ¼ yard of 487 m2
3.Dva store and office: Shop with 27 m2 area consisting of a commercial gym and shop consists of a main hall , storage and bathroom with an area 69.80 kv.m.Ofis with an area 114.30 square meters consisting of two rooms , two balconies and stairs together with the entrance hall and staircase.
The property is ideal parts of ¼ yard of 487 m2
4.Zhilishtna extension representing a self contained apartment consisting of one room , a living – dining – kitchen, hallway and bathroom with a floor area 50 square meters and an outbuilding consisting of two warehouses with an area 48 square meters
The property is ideal parts of ¼ yard of 487 m2
Potable water well .
The total area is 776 square meters

• DESCRIPTION CONDITION OF PREMISES , the type of flooring and walls

The building is solid , filled with brick walls bearing structure – reinforced concrete walls, beams and slabs .
In the workshop floor is mosaic wall tiles and painted.
Shop: terracotta floor , the walls painted.
First floor : floor laminate in bedrooms and laminate and tile in the living room .
Offices floor terracotta , walls latex.
A residential building : terracotta floors , the walls painted.
The building has the following offices : in a residential area – 6 in Workshop – 2 in a residential building – 1 and in the shop – 2 .
The building was built in 1996
Last partial renovation was made in 2010 Partial insulation.
Access to the building is via an asphalt road , main road , main street .
There sewer.
Heating of the building with air conditioning.
Aluminum windows .


The area of the yard under Notary Act is 487 square meters
The yard has a vineyard vines , pines , cypresses , flowers , green is
There are no outstanding issues related to regulation of the yard .

• property documents

As the building is multi-functional , it can be used as a hotel, a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop , pizzeria , restaurant, winery , as a nursing home, storage areas and only as a residential building.

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