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Engineering plant

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1 600 000 EUR – no! engineering plant

New price! All equipment is sold factory!
   buildings with land and large cranes and hoists for € 560,000 !!

zemya – 12 200 sq.m.
3 x 670 square meters workshop

  Urgent sale of Judge artist!

There are contracts that can increase revenue from orders up to 300%

Metal processing plant, the production activity since 1948 among plant and equipment, which produce mainly take place conveyors (augers, elevators, conveyors, grain transporters), silos and equipment for them: filters, valves, gate valves, exit pipes, stairs and railings .
ISO 9001: 2008 range includes manufacturing and non-standard equipment and metal structures made according to specific customer requirements (our documentation and documentation of the client).

From 2012 Factory is a member of the German Bulgarian industrial – Chamber of Commerce / GBCIC /. DBIHK is part of the global network of German foreign trade chambers. It acts as a liaison between the economies of Germany and Bulgaria.
We believe that close cooperation with the German Economic Union would provide us with contact with industry leading manufacturers, as well as promotion of bilateral economic relations between Bulgaria and Germany.

In order to expand the activities of the factory outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as cooperation with leading European companies in the field of engineering, we are pleased to announce that the factory, now an associate member of the association Confindustria Bulgaria.
Confindustria Bulgaria created on 13.04.2003 year. as the Advisory Committee of the Italian Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.
The aim is to periodically gather the most important Italian companies present in Bulgaria, as well as mutual support companies in order to quality production and customer service.

In factory employs qualified technologists, engineers, designers and consultants specialized in various fields of mechanical engineering and metal processing.
Offers new technology and engineering solutions and focus our attention on individual solutions according to the needs of our customers.

- Universal lathes up to Ø320 mm – 4 pcs.
- Mills universal – 2.
- Folding with the opportunity to b = 6 mm L = 2000 mm – 4 pcs.
- Shears with the possibility to b = 20 mm L = 3000 mm – 4 pcs.
- Presses – 2.
- Scissors for sheet metal and profiles – 2.
- Cranes and bridge to 20t – 3 pcs.
- Shafts of bending of sheet material and profiling to b = 10 L = 3000 mm – 4 pcs.
      - Desktop drills – 10pcs.
      - Welding – 14br.

Aerators for silo
Tumble dryer for chips
Tumble dryer
Chain conveyor for logs
Chain – conveyors
Vibrating screens
Combustion chamber / heat unit / Rubber – Rubber conveyor belts – belts for waste Gear pumps Bunker scales filters for dust removal Hydraulic baling press Valves Valve Flashers Butterfly Valves type of plastic Grinder Mill Glass Packaging Machine Pneumatic sponge
Air gun
Safety valve for silo
Skip system
Equipment for hydropower and irrigation systems
Pneumatic valves
Manual valves
Rotary valve / rotary feeders
Screw feeder / mixer
Metal structures

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