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Dairy Plant

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Dairy factory

The company has inherited the traditions of dairy, built by Finnish design in the center of a regional city in the heart of Bulgaria

Located on private land and 6500 m2 area over 6000 m2. There are great opportunities for expansion and development since the establishment in the region face another 1000 m2 area under construction.

In 2006 he was made major repairs, reconstruction and modernization of production capital of the company including:

І.Sgraden Fund – insulation, self-leveling flooring, wall coverings, panels and electrical installations, plumbing installations, ventilation and air conditioning – installed six machines.

ІІ.Mashini and equipment – new chrome nickel equipment and new tubing for milk.

The company is certified under ISO 22000-2005 has implemented HACCP system of quality control of finished products. Licensed in the first group of dairies in the country.

Meets the requirements of European legislation on food and is included in the list of establishments approved for trade with the EU.

Meets requirements for trade with Russia. Approved and certified in 2010

The company has a certificate of registration in the U.S. (FDA certificate) and is registered in the U.S. Management Food and Drug Administration, according to Section 305 of the Act, the U.S. Public Health Protection Act and the readiness and combat bioterrorism since 2002. Through this registration control imports of food products in the U.S. from each country in the world.

The enterprise each year are independently audited by an international organization – Moody interneshinal.

Production structure

A. Reception room – 2. receivers for milk tanks and reception for 40 tonnes of milk

2. Foster laboratory for milks

3. Pastyorizatsionno compartment – 3 pasteurizers, 2 homogenozatori, fluid containers, Automated Process Management “Siemens”

4. Cis – central wash station loaded with acid, alkali and detergent solutions

5. Workshop for Cheese

6. Workshop for production of milk

7. Workshop for production of dairy delicacies

8. Factory-finished products for laboratory

9. Refrigerated products for curing

10. Refrigerated storage of finished products

11. Storage for materials licensed to trade in raw materials

12. Oil and Economy parokotelno

13. Repair shops, warehouses

14. Autotransport

15. Shop


A. Purchasing – the entity has a license to buy milk and taking into account national milk quotas on various works with. Buying is done by specialized transport – chrome nickel tanks with double walls at a distance 100-150 km in radius around the enterprise.

Owners have his dairy and dairy farm 30 km from the city with a milk quota of 300 tons per year and an opportunity to grow to 600 dairy cows.

2. Production activity – diary. Enterprise has a wide range of manufactured goods, namely:

- Milk

- Yogurt in packages of 0.400 kg to 20 kg fat 1%, 2%, 3.6%

- Strained yoghurts – several

- Milk production delicacy of cream donuts and chiyzkeykove

- Sour cream in packages of 0.200 kg to 17 kg, fat 1.8% and 3.6%

- Soft cheese type “Philadelphia”

- Buttermilk

- Natural Bulgarian cheese

- Cheese with nonfat milk and vegetable fat in place – miscellaneous

- Products ordered by customers to order

The production process is automated and computerized, professionals and artists are good and educated with many years of manufacturing experience. This facility employs 70 people and produce 250-300 tons finished product a month. Opportunities to increase to 50% expansion of the workshops in the unfinished construction, volume production can be increased two times.

3. Commercial activity – marketing of finished products on the market

The company stands on the dairy market with cash assortment of over 10 products, quality and tradition.

The domestic market is well developed through their own output provide refrigerated transport throughout the country to over 150 exchanges and magazini.Targovskite chains, which have traditionally good business contacts are METRO, KFC, ARO.

We work with major manufacturers such as salad Kenar, Dar, Denis Partners Vesselina.

We believe that the company is in development. In addition to domestic production for export France, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, UAE-Dubai Azarbeydzhan, regularly exports to Russia, Lebanon, Velikobritaniya.Imame inquiries to the U.S..

Ambition and our desire is to increase the share of exports, where financial results are improving.


A. Financial Results – The company reported book profits last 3 years. Annual passes and auditors certification of accounts and balances.

2. Borrowing – currently

- Investment – 548 000 EUR

- Working – for materials and raw milk – 264 000 EUR

Loans are serviced regularly, there is no outstanding loans to banks.

Options for the sale of shares

A. 20%, 30%, 50%, even 100%

2. The idea is to find an outside investor and increase the proportion


3. Upon sale of the shares present owners are willing to repay loans promptly in order to achieve maximum profit

The company developed and are currently developing new markets the following products:

1.Marinovano pressed cheese balls in olive oil, natural

2.Marinovano pressed cheese balls with spices

3.Marinovano cheese – sweet balls topping

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