Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
2 544 750 EUR

Real estate investment Varna 10,179 sq.m

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Self-regulated land, located in a convenient location Varna. There is an alternative option to build our public-service building on your order. A. Sale on our part we held on regulated land (for multi-purpose building) with an area of 10,179 square meters (Share) offer price is 250e/kv.m plot. Possible subdivision and sale of part of the land ranging from 2 to 7 decares. Adjacent to the plot are: parking space athletics stadium, hospital, three stops of many lines public transport, 3 kindergarten, 2 primary school, the largest city sports complex a variety of courses and a new park with free attractions for the kids. 2. Building on our side on above our plot public-service building or a large commercial site in order and requirement for phased payment. Planned us in building this alternative plan to be 2 commercial levels, and 9 levels with offices and housing, providing a symbiosis between owners and tenants. On the other hand its height of over 25m. would provide permanent advertising, targeting both the traffic flow in three main neighboring urban boulevard and to over 80s thousands living in rn Youtube. 3. There is also an opportunity for the construction of the investor against a benefit of future building sites and other previously constructed, subject to negotiation. Brief information about the plot: The property is adjacent to three major urban boulevard. It is 60m.ot bul.Republika and is 140 meters. person 11.50-meter street, which connects it with bul.Republika. (For the above there are street work projects approved as to Currently the plot is built to our expectations excavation is easier in subsequent construction. Upon request of the buyer an opportunity to develop according to project based

11.50-meter plot along the way and within a month.) The plot is approved DSP-PPP and has many attractive location – bordering areas for sports and landscaping and is located in an area with ongoing (mainly residential) construction and excellent infrastructure. Adjacent to the property is located: park space, athletics stadium, hospital, 3 stops by many lines of public transport, 3 kindergarten, 2 primary school, the biggest urban sports complex with a variety of courses and a new park attractions for free the smallest.

As issued in 2011. visa to the existing DSP design lists the following possible sites for development: workshops, trade sites and offices. The density of current DSP is 30%, height – 10m, and using leveling in south direction from 5 meters possible building to 6et. or area around 20,000 square meters additional underground levels. The possible construction of the approved preliminary draft

OUP-Varna is approximately 57,000 square meters and construction indicators Kpl = 60% Kint = 5. The ability to partition and / or modification of existing DDP is expected to take about 5 months and signing  prior arrangement we are ready for the start. In business meetings we can introduce a sample of OUP and detailed information about future change of the PUP. The bundled the sale of plot is developed and included  architectural design (conceptual and techni al phases) for all commercial complex, 3 ground and 3 underground levels (with north and south ground floor). The project developed under the current from 2007. PUP-PPP and building

a shopping complex with total area of 33,000 square meters Additionally it is possible to use more than level 3 roof terrace to the establishments of 3 floors with an area up to 2000 square meters There are open parking area for approximately 6,000 sq.m and two ground floor levels – the northern ground floor (3000 m2) and southern ground floor (6600 m2) with a second output to around bul.Republika Medical complex “Mladost”. In attachment can view more details and photo conceptual design of this shopping complex. Remain available for further information.

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