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900 000 EUR

Workshop for the processing of forest mushrooms and dried fruit

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Workshop for the processing of forest mushrooms and dried fruit
    The main activity of the company is:
- Buying mushrooms and berries,
- 100% business activity in the European Union

     Land – 6 000 sq.m.
    Built buildings – production, warehouse, administration, workshop, cold and cold chillers, shock chambers, tumble dryers, dressing rooms, etc. with a total built-up area of ​​2 000 sq.m.

   All necessary registrations, permits, licenses, which legally regulate its production activity are issued to the enterprise as:
a food law certificate,
sanitary authorization,
authorization from the Food Agency
contracts for occupational medicine services and all other documents required by Bulgarian legislation.

The company’s activity is characterized by:
- maintaining high quality products
- straightforward investment in the direction of a building stock, infrastructure and modernization of production lines for quantitative and qualitative improvement of the products
 - consistently developing and expanding markets.
The company’s activity is directed:
Our company has been engaged in the purchase and processing of mushrooms and berries since 1996.
The output market is 100% export.
The company’s business is directed to increased control and quality that meets the requirements of today’s dynamic, globalizing world.

       Our merchandise is purchased through an organized network of suppliers from specialized buyers, packaged and exported in different packages that have been agreed with our contractors. Fresh mushrooms and berries are for Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain. Compared to the season and quantity, they are transported by air – airfreight or refrigerated transport.
Fresh mushrooms occupy 40% of our turnover and are spring and autumn, and the berries are processed in the summer.
Appropriate frozen products are frozen in shock chambers, packaged and exported to refrigeration tanks for the European Union. They occupy 30% of the turnover and have a year-round character
A large percentage of our business is packing of dry products for which we have agreed packaging and prices.
We work mostly during the season when there is no purchase of fresh products – summer and winter and occupy 30% of the company’s royalties.
        Our company also imports products from Macedonia, Turkey and Romania.
        The members of the management, production and sales team of the company are proven professionals with many years of experience.
       Since its inception in 1996, our enterprise has gone a long way in development and has laid solid foundations for the production and development of relevant markets for its product range.
 We can say that our company has the opportunity to work with companies that have proven their loyalty and honesty.


        It has now filled 55-60% of its power.


- presence of trained management and specialized personnel
- a secured raw material from the specialized points we work with
with permanent suppliers of mushrooms and berries.
- established market positions in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain

      Total area – 6 acres.
   - built-up area – production, warehouse, administration, etc. —– 2 000 sq.m.
  - land with built-up infrastructure – 6 000 sq.m.
  - machinery and equipment

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