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2 300 000 EUR

Solar Park 1000 kwt

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Photovoltaic park with an installed capacity of 1 MWp (megawatt peak one)

The plant is located on an area of ​​45 000 square meters /Earth is about 50 years, renting, by municipality and is fully paid rent for the period! /and is a construction of 13,365 solar modules and 159 inverters. The modules are the type Kaneka K75 – thin-film amorphous silicon (thin-film a-Si), the production of Kaneka Corp. Japan Inverters type SMC 6000A, production of the German SMA Solar Technology AG.

For the design of the solar park was used many years of successful experience of IBC Solar AG for layout and installation of modules and inverters. Typical of the selected design is that the inverters are arranged in groups, which relieves their service and design of the stand is extremely robust and resistant, borrowed from road construction. In the construction of the park is given utmost attention to quality of execution and overall infrastructure. The park has CCTV, comfortable energy efficient service building, very modern monitoring equipment, access to which is provided over the internet.

“Thin-film modules provide maximum productivity during the summer peak season, and in the presence of diffuse light in winter.” The production of electricity from solar installation is expected to be at least 1250 MWh / MWp per year. It will save 900 tons of carbon emissions per year, which would result from energy production by conventional technology.

- The park sells electricity at the highest rate – 699.11 lev
/ MWh, and has a contract for the purchase of energy, which is valid until 03.2034, the

When the selling price and the basis of realistic expectations for the future
production and operating costs for the park expected
rate of return (yield) of the investment potential buyer
at the rate of 12.5% ​​per year and the term of payback is about 8

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