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Merchant shops in the city center

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Running a commercial site!
Part of the “Great City District Shop”
Area: 890.48 m2
And 33% of the common areas.
 Central part of Haskovo.
Of Trade complex “City Market Hall” – basement.
In the tax treatment and communal property falls within the first
urban area (the area with blue-green color sketch).
Within a radius of 200 meters from the property are the Town Hall and the central city
The area is lit and lively during nighttime. In front of him are
conveniently located parking.
For a relatively short time after introduction of the building to service
in 2003. it has established itself as an attractive retail and office center.
The area has no living group of Gypsy minority or other
circumstances that interfere with the normal exploitation.


The property e Retail, a separate part – in the basement mall
“City Market Hall.” It has a total gross floor area of ​​890.48 m2, including:
commercial area of ​​565.98 m2 and service area of ​​324,50 m2 and 33%
shares in the basement level shopping complexes “City Market Hall.”
Commissioned in 2003.
The primary purpose of this property is 9 stores
grocery-Khali and catering establishment. Now
adapted in a furniture store! Without prejudice to the built
specific installations.

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