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2 750 000EUR

Factory: batteries, auto cosmetics, auto accessories

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LOCATION: Nikopol town (5000 citizens), located on the cost of river
Danube which is north border of Bulgaria with Romania.
It is 260km. away from Sofia.
PRODUCE: 1.Primary batteries: Zn-Chloride and Zn- Carbon
batteries – following types R6, R14, R20, 3R20, 6F22.
2.Special batteries: 25 types totally wich include such as
CELL30, CELL40, CELL80, R10, 2R10 etc.
All types are primary dry cells.
3. Cleaners, air fresheners and large range of
INFRASTRUCTURE : The factory has 3 main sides placed in the town.
1. Factory: Total area: 10 200 sq.м.
The factory roads between are asphalt covered. The
factory buildings are connected from three sides and
from the fourth side the buildings borders with river
Electricity 20 000 V/380 V – with independent electric transformer
and emergency diesel aggregate unit – 100 KWA
Water supply there is drinking water supply unit. Water canalization is
with septic trap and pours out into river Danube.
Heating autonomous, central conducted heating based on diesel.
Fire precautions several anti – fire hydrants.
Buildings Consist of 10 buildings totally each on 1, 2 or 3 floors.
The total build square is as follow:
2. Warehouse area situated on 300m. far from the factory.
Area: ground, 6500 sq.m. at the town limits.
buildings Reinforced concrete buildings: total 6 buildings on one
floor with area totally as follow:
720+576+480+294+348+480=2898 sq.м.
All asphalt covered around and in.
Communications Electricity, telephone and water supplied – 220/230V.
3. HOTEL situated 200meters away from factory on the hilly site of
river Danube cost. Consist of 3 floors in all.
I-st floor – garage and bar;
II-nd floor – restaurant and kitchen;
III-rd – hotel part with 10 rooms totally.
Area hotel building total ground area – 1500sq. m., which include 840sq.m.
build area. Electricity, telephone and water supplied -
Machine equipment : VAIDOR – England
VARTA – Germany
Nikolaus Branz – Germany
Herlan – Germany
TOS – Poland
Beardley and Peper- USA
Metal working machines: TOS – Poland, Beardley and Peper- USA
Mix and packing machines : made in Europe, China and Bulgaria.
Total value of equipment : 1 110 000 Euro.
PROPERTY: till 1998 – 100% public property.
from 1998 till 2005 – 80% private property
and 20% public property.
from 2005 till now – 99,5% private property
PERSONNEL : 1990 – 350 employees
1998 – 110 employees
2006 – 65 employees
2007 – 75 employees
2008 – 85 employers
2009 – 75 employers
2010 – 70 employers
2011 – 66 employers
Organization and management :
1. Head office located in Sofia:
•Board of Directors
•Account department
•Sales department
2. Main office located in Nikopol town.
- Executive director;
- General engineer;
- Account department
MAIN CLIENTS: Ministry of Home affairs
Bulgarian Navy
Ministry of Defence
Superstore chains and shops – over 10 000 cross all
Export activity: Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Germany, Greece, Rumania,
Bosnia, Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Dubai, USA, Ukraine etc.
ANNUAL TURNOVER: 1990 – 7 600 000 Euro 2008 – 3 982 000 Euro
2005 – 1 400 000 Euro 2009 – 2 380 000 Euro
2006 – 2 200 000 Euro 2010 – 2 160 000 Euro
2007 – 4 000 000 Euro 2011 – 1 700 000Euro
SCIENCE: 1.Close partnership with Bulgarian Academy of Science
- Institute – Electrochemical sources of electricity;
- Institute of metals;
- Institute of polymers;
2. Sofia University and University in Plovdiv – department
Chemistry and Cosmetics.
3. Electrochemical Institute – Belgium.
ECOLOGY: We have established Balkan Association for Recycling Batteries
(BARB) – operates as organization with main activity of
collecting used batteries, recycling of old used batteries.

is specialized in producing Zinc – Chloride Batteries and Household
Chemical Products, Auto Cosmetics and Functional Perfumery.
Zinc – chloride batteries are manufactured under our Trade Mark “ POWER”, which
is protected by a patent in over 20 countries. It covers the full range of batteries /R 03, R 6,
R 14, R 20, 3R 12, 6F 22 / and the same range of alkaline batteries. Our trade Marks has
25% market share, which is approx 4 000 000 /four million/ batteries of all kinds
for the amount of about 700 000€ annually. The last serious marketing research of the
batteries market is from 2006. Our data shows that the market for these batteries at
Bulgaria gets smaller every year. The basic reason for this floating is a lack of producing
electrical devices, used batteries as R14, R20, 6F22 and 3R12. At 2009 and 2010 we
remark sales drop because 3 basic reasons:
- The World Economical crisis;
- Invasion of international trade networks, that imports batteries with their own Trade
- Our own fails with the batteries sales;
At this very moment the battery manufacturing’s stopped. A part of machinery
equipment’s removed and storage.
Because the large competition from Chinese companies for batteries (approximately 25%
lower battery’s prices on equal quality), the owner
rearranged their manufacturing for producing new
articles – cleaning chemistry, functional perfumery
and car cosmetics. Basement on the existed
machinery equipment and the employees’
experience, the company becomes new products
developer and researcher, for articles that could be
successfully realized on the domestic and
international markets. Basic investments, made
since 2001 till now, are for equipment for producing
of new articles.
At this moment the company has more than 200 products – developed, tested and
promoted on the market. These products are protected with manufacturing technology and
all the necessary certificates. Produced in different packs, aromatics and concentrating, our
products range is large more than 300 articles. The basic producing of the factory is the
chemistry, but the packs are produced from more than 30 factories at all the country. Also
in many places at Bulgaria we have storage our properties:
- More than 300 formers for injection molding and blowing of plastics;
- Over 100 formers for stamp of metals;
- More than 500 punches for cartoon cut and producing paper boxes, packs etc.
Due many years was not made big investments in
high production lines. The owners politic is to
analyzing and searching for more popular
product, and then to make investments for
enlarging of its manufacturing. There is an
opportunity for partition renovation of old factory
Household Chemistry includes about 200 types of
products in several groups:
- Solid cleaning products for cloths and textiles – the production capacity is
2 000 000 units for the amount of 900 000€ per year at one shift work time.
- Liquid cleaning detergents for glass surfaces, faiences, tiles, plastic surfaces,
laminates and other floor mosaics and metal surfaces – the capacity is about 600
tons per year for an average amount 950 000€ /1300 units per ton x1,25€/ at one
shift working time.
- Room and car refreshers – about 1 400 000pcs. for the amount of 850 000€ per
year at one shift working time.
- Liquid room refreshers – about 250 tons annually in various quantities for the
amount of about 320 000€
- Conditioners and preparations for washing of household utensils – about 600 tons
annually in various quantities for the amount of about 280 000€ at one shift
working time.
- Paper air fresheners – 4 500 000pcs. – € 360 000
Based on the above statement, it shows that without new investments in machinery, the
factory can have an annual production for about 3 700 000€ at one shift working time,
which is 313 000€ per month. The average margin of over price to the wholesalers is
approximately 40%. This means that with a good management for domestic and
international market, the company can earn monthly according to the kind of produced
products between € 40 000 and 120 000€.
The Monthly cost of the plaint is from 14 000€ to 35 000€, according to its workload.
Since 2007 till now the company has participated at 42 international exhibitions:
In USA – Las Vegas, new York and Chicago;
In Europe – Barcelona, Bologna, Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Wien, Beograd ,
Bucharest, Tirana, Skopje, Kiev, Moscow, Thessaloniki;
In Asia – Alma Atta, Dubai;
In Africa – Cairo; Casablanca;
Also the company has over 4000 contact with other companies from almost all the country
in the world.
We have 4 registered Trade Marks – Power, Fresh, Light and
I. DOMESTIC MARKET – it’s realized by few channels:
1. Own distribution network
The distribution is organized to cover the whole country. There are founded
12 regional offices that are working with the 3 kind of systems: exvan, prisell
and sell on hand. Our clients are more than 10 000. The main target is to
selling to Big Trade networks. The entrance taxes for working with them paid
through the years over 100 000€. As presenters of organization for collecting
used batteries, we have contracts with over 3000 trade objects where are sells
batteries with Power Trade Mark.
We have placed by different traders thousands of battery’s stand cans and
other stand combinations for our products.
The distribution system is in use from 1999 and now we have good contacts
with over 12 000 domestic clients. We are powerful in distribution of:
- Batteries 20-27% market share;
- Flash lights – the best range at hole the country;
- Household chemistry and functional perfumery – we are going to compare
with the best Bulgarian producers;
- Car cosmetics – we have the best collection of products with the best quality
in the country.
2. Public orders
Despite the great competitive the company has won and successful finished
deals for public orders for National Profits Agency, Bulgarian State Railways,
Ministry of Interior affairs etc. Thanks to the high quality we are
subcontractors to other companies – Office 1 Superstore, Office Express,
Green Office etc.
3. Producing articles with Trade Mark of the clients
At this moment on the domestic market keep going negotiations with more
than 10 companies for Private Label. At most we are producing car air
fresheners from paper for OMV, Luk Oil, CBA etc.
From our participations at over 42 international trade exhibitions we have export to
more than 16 countries – Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Germany, Latvia, Hungary, Albania, USA, Saudi Arabia, Morocco
FUTURE PROJECTS – what should be done if there are some investments?
Necessary funds for:
1. Producing
- Complete equipment for stuffing and labeling of thick liquids with volume from
0,5l to 1,5l.
2. For domestic market
- Enlarging the volume of supplies of raw materials and packs, that should be
storage at factory and ensure the producing;
- Enlarge the budget for TV adverting for popularization for our products;
- An investment at employees – few skilled traders and market specialist, to increase
the sale’s aggression;
3. For international market
- Increasing the company participation at international exhibitions in searching for
new clients.
The factory in Nikopol is a joint-stock company under a Certificate of good standing of the
company №20100112111658/12.01.2010, which includes all corporate data.
The factory in Nikopol has 3 divisional sites, the ownership of which has been official
transferred from the state property into a company property.
In drawings:
A. Sketch of the factory №1530/06.02.2008
B. Sketch of Warehouse №2518/27.03.2008
C. Sketch of Hotel №7150/1206.2009
Area of divisional sites:
•Land – 10 419 m2
•Building -7 781 m2
•Land – 6 358 m2
•Buildings – 2 987 m2
Hotel (a hut for foreigners):
•Land – 1 613 m2
•Buildings – 840 m2
Production is certified according to ISO 9000-2008
VEHICLE IN USE (cars and trucks)
Total – 52 units.
There are raw materials for 400 000€.
“Bateria” Plc. produces and sells under the Trade Marks – Power, Cleaner,
Fresh and Light, but they belong to “Collection”
Part of the warehouse is rented to others and the contracts can be terminated quickly.
There is a mortgage on the production site as a guarantee for bank credit by Post Bank to
“ Collection” for the amount of 110 000€.
The due amount to the company from customers is about 75 000€, guaranteed by protocols
of agreement.
Employees with basic labor contracts:
•Production – 39 + 24 = 63 people;
•Guards – 11 people;
•Dealers – 43 people;

№ Turnover 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 TOTAL
1 Domestic
4092063.72 3981357.04 2371896.17 2161000 1710000 14316316
2 Export 17487.47 17186.47 132287.77 78112 25217 270290.71
3 Import 370420.13 695925.55 97866.86 103008 7700 1274920.54

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