Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
270 000 EUR

Photovoltaic park 103 kwp

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Revenue for the year 2012. (Prepared by 01.10.2012) are 15 000 lev = € 7670
270 000/ 42 437 = 6.4+ 10% profit tax = 7 years investment is paid
Possible bank financing up to 50%! 50% Personal involvement!
Revenue in 2013. – 83 000 lev = € 42,437
Company working 103.4 kWp major field installable more about 900-1000 KWP
Cost per year:
10% State Tax Profit

Expenses other years 2000 -2200 euros

The plant is located 20 km. from Ruse in the direction of Varna. Installed
power is 103,3 kWp.

The land is 24,045 sq.m. The whole has changed status for photovoltaic

The plant was constructed by 440. 245 Wp polycrystalline modules company
Sunsystem Ltd., Shumen (made in China). Switchyard and equipment
to it are “Paul and Sons” Ltd., Shumen. Actually both companies
related parties – one produces modules, the other transformers. Used
are 8 pcs. inverters Austrian company Fronius, model 150 IG Plus. Their
also communication and weather equipment. The structure is fixed,
drukraka. Currently, the panels are arranged in the northern part of the area, as
occupy about 2 to 2.5 acres.

Switchyard has dimensions allowing installation of equipment for 1 MW, a law enforcement ‘
transformer is 250 kVA. Also at 20 kV cable is intended for power 1
MW. Switchyard located inside the ground in the northwest corner of the plot.
There is done and weighing the distance to 20 kV route is 60 m, ie
losses after the measurement is negligible.

A system security through a wire fence, and fotobarieri
cameras that can be monitored by desktop computer, laptop
or smartphone. There is an LED lighting plant.

The plant has a contract for the purchase of 05.09.2012g. Price according to item 1,
par. 3 of the Treaty is 567.41 lev. / MWh, determined by the decision of the regulator

For 2012. has produced the 25,8 MW (included is 1 October). For 2013. – 144

The main running costs are as follows:
- Security (TSA): 150 Levs = 76 EUR
- Accounting: 200 Levs= 102 EUR
- Electricity: 80 lev (primary load is light at night)=41 EUR
- Internet: 20 lev =10 EUR
- Charge Auer (Agency for Sustainable Energy): 20 lev= 10 EUR

Whole sale company which is specifically designed to build
plant and no other sideline, assets and liabilities.

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