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11 000 000 EUR

Alcohol factory – Canned Refrigeration Plant

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Alcohol factory – Canned Refrigeration Plant
Currently, the whole enterprise is supported by workshop for fruit brandies and other spirits. Mainly exported fruit distillates bulk of Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Annual export 80-100 tons of fruit distillates of 75% ob.alk. About 10% of the distillates are bottled and sold on the domestic market under the brand Brandy. The company has a website and Facebook profile.
This is a profitable business with great potential for development and against small
investment – to increase the capacity of the distillation and purchase
raw material, we realized excellent financial results with net profits
20-25% per annum.

Other departments of the enterprise are:
1. Plant for production of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to 15,000 m3
Refrigeration surface suited to the storage of:
- Chilled products at 0 * C – + 4 * C
- Frozen products at -20 * C
- There is a possibility of freezing at -35 * C
The refrigerator needs only facade reconstruction.

2. Workshop for production of tomato paste and fruit concentrates capacity
300 tons / 24 h tomatoes.
3. Shop for fruits and vegetables.
4. Workshop for fruit mousses, marmalades and jams.

These workshops are maintained in working order, but not exploited due to lack of a strategic partner with established foreign markets and readiness to finance the purchase of raw material. Broken assets aggravate the financial situation of the company.

The plant has a large office building. Were built many technical warehouses, offices and 20 tons scales. The plant has its own transformer, own water (borehole 600 meters).
Has its own steam plant to natural gas. The site is gasified.

It may be sold whole industrial facility or part thereof that is part of the buildings, separated by a separate plot. The owner of the industrial object can sell part of your business that is to enter into partnership with a potential investor.

 Estimates of the plant are more than 5.625 million euros for the whole plant.

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