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2 factories for: FRUITS, vegetables and meat in European Standard

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Factories for the production of frozen vegetables and fruits, vegetable and meat semi-harvesting and packaging of meat and minced meat
We would like to introduce you to a summary of our two companies: 1 and 2
Factories were built in the framework of two projects by 3 million euros each, the SAPARD program of the European Union, on the site of existing businesses with paved communications. Were also made ​​additional investments of owners and the total investment amounted to 7,860 million euros.
Plants with a total area 10100 m ² situated on a plot of 16,900 m ², it is possible to increase the portion of another 23,000 m ² of land plot adjacent to this plot of land.
   These plants can be transformed with a little investment in the logistics center about 11000m ², with ready-made cold storage area of ​​24000m ³-equipped 4-screw compressors SABROE / 1200 kW / thermopanels “Conti.” On the premises constructed concrete roads that provide access to all the objects listed below ..

1. This processing plant and frozen fruits and vegetables with a total area of ​​7800 m ². With an ideal location, just 300 meters from the highway “Trakia”, 22 km. Sofia railway station” Vakarel “and 40 – 120 km. from fruit and vegetable producers.
The company has 4 (four) own water source, dual power protection own transformers, diesel electric generators, steam own central heating, all gasified. As there is a dining room, kitchen, bar / restaurant / administrative part, the hotel portion for the control of which being completed and other items described in the general drawing
Machines used in the enterprise produced reputable companies such as” Herbort”,” Cabinplant”, “Urshel”,” Goztepe”, “FSK”, and machines produced in Bulgaria in accordance with Annex 2, and the flow chart production in Appendix 3, with a total capacity of 10,000 tons per year -12000.
The machines are designed for assembly into a multi-line for manufacturing various kinds of frozen products, such as:
Frozen vegetables – peas, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, chopped pepper strips and diced, whole peppers, roasted peeled peppers, green beans, okra, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and vegetable mixes
  Frozen fruit – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, wild rose, cherry, cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, pitted.
Frozen, breaded, blanched potatoes. .
Frozen fries with different types of spices Uedzhis type.
  Frozen vegetables, veggie burgers and croquettes / breaded and fried semi-/ line “CFS – KOPPENS”:,,” byurek pig stuffed peppers, vegetarian patties, croquettes of spinach, mushroom croquettes, burger hepi cookies, croquettes of broccoli, cauliflower, potato croquettes and more.
Canning line with two autoclaves “PAOLO LEVATTI” and canning equipment “FEMIA” with a production capacity of 60-80 tons per 24 hours.
Note: The production line of canned food is not put into production.? Packaging products are manufactured on a machine with multifunction attachment with a capacity of 50 pieces per minute and 10 semi-automatic gluing machines and electronic scales as well.
Cooling capacity is provided screw compressors” SABORE” 2 pcs. x 355 kW and 2 pcs. x 200 kW. 2 – IQF tunnel capacity of 3.6 t / h, 1 – capacity of 2.2 t / h and 1 – inpatient capacity of 800 kg / h, which allows you to process and freeze for about 6 tons per hour in our company, the largest in Bulgaria.
Cold storage, volume 15000 m ³ storage and processing of frozen fruits and vegetables and 8,900 m ³ storage and processing of frozen and chilled meat and meat products. Can store about 2500 – 3000 tons, with the possibility of also develop a logistics center.
1 – working in the company currently existing export contracts with Germany, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Austria and Russia, as well as the domestic market contracts with large retail chains:” Metro”,” Billa”, ”Kaufland”,” HIT Hypermarket “,” Fantastico, “Europe”, “NEA””” HRANKOMERS and others. currently, more than 2,000 facilities in the country
The plant has its own laboratory was implemented quality control system HACCP, received a certificate for the production and processing of organic products to the European Union and the United States.

2.Predpriyatie located in the same area, on the neighboring plot of 2200m ², see Annex 4, and is intended for the production of prepared meals from meat, and vegetables, as well as for cutting and packaging – small and large rasfasovok of pork and beef.
Construction was completed and adopted by Act 16 of construction in Bulgaria in November 2005, meets all the requirements of the European Union, introduced a quality control system HACCP.
Provided equipment for primary meat processing companies – Laska, Gunter, Bizerba with secondary treatment to the most modern and highly efficient machines of the latest generation “CFS – Koppens”, spiral tunnel and shock freezer for freezing, extrusion, tumbler, cabins for braising, slicer, thermoforming machine, vertical packing machine, and more. They allow you to produce high quality frozen and chilled meat and meat products, meat – vegetable products from pork, beef and chicken:
All our products are designed for the retail market and for our professional customers. That’s why we have special offers large portions, in full accordance with the needs of the hospitality industry.
Our products include a wide range of products. Sufficient size and production facilities enable us to maintain the required amount of product and are able to meet the demand of its customers. Raw foods – minced meat karnacheta summer sausages, burgers, sausages and other cuts fillets, legs, wings, steaks.
Harsh products – beef, raw sausages, karnacheta – Bulgarian cakes, burgers and other meat products, packaged fillets, legs, wings and steaks.
Cold pressing / chilled / – steaks, burgers and more.
Thermo-treated – grilled steaks, sausages, meatballs, burgers and more
Breaded and frozen foods – burgers, burgers, meatballs, nuggets and other performance (7t/24h).

Cutting – pork and beef carcasses, carcasses imported and domestic market, large and small packs / chilled and frozen / kebab on an automatic machine
The company has a total area of ​​refrigerators 8900 m ³, one of the cameras are certified for export to the European Union. The company has its own fleet of refrigerated trucks for transportation and as a distribution network of about 800 objects, including large retail chains:” Metro”,” Billa”,” Fantastico”,” Kaufland”,” HIT Hypermarket “,” ABS “,” HRANSKOMERS” and others.
Provides direct import for their own production and sales of meat from the following countries – Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Greece and Turkey with an annual turnover of up to 10,000 tons. After 01.01.2007. imports mainly from the states – members of the European Union, with unlimited quota for third stran.V now launched a new range of products according to the attached offer.

Note: The factory meat processing can be fully utilized without additional investment for processing and freezing of mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and fish.
Highly motivated team now has control over all stages of the production process as the primary purpose of providing the best products to meet our customers’ needs.
In 2 has a team of qualified professionals, most of whom are young people who have excellent skills and commitment to professional development.
Polycation overall management of the company is based on the sole responsibility for the health and welfare of the end user is aware of its responsibility to consumers about the quality of food.
A brief presentation of our operations gives you an idea of ​​the plants – it’s not just cars and buildings, and the current and successful business, as well as the possibility of sale of machinery and equipment and further conversion to logistics centers.

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