Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer
960000 EUR

3 Star luxury hotel in the heart of Varna, Bulgaria!

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800 sq. meters of built-up area for 1200 euros / square meter! Apartments in the center of Bulgaria’s Maritime Capital Varna reach prices up 1500 to 3000 euros per square meter!

Hotel – restaurant “Jupiter +” *** – year-round hotel, in the center of Varna, with a total area of 800 sq.m. The building was built in 2004 and has 8 residential and non-residential floors.

The hotel is located in the business – banking district in the center of Varna with convenient car access, in close proximity to the cultural – historical and commercial center of the city, as well as to the Primorsky Garden, Trade and Passenger Ports, Central Customs and the Railway Station.

Building structure: monolithic, foundation – slab / thickness 1.5 m /, reinforced concrete interfloor and roof slabs, columns, anti-seismic columns.
Walls /internal and external/: brick – 25 cm, internal wall cladding – plasterboard. The facade is lined with natural granite.
Building insulation: thermal insulation – 5 cm on the outside, mineral wool in plasterboard sheathing on the inside. Good soundproofing.
Windows: suspended semi-structural glass facade “Alumil”, double glazing /dark green color/ – 6mm stop-sol glass + 4mm low-emission glass.
Staircase: lighting – oberlicht + fire hatch, railing – inox, facing of steps – granitogres 8 mm.
Technical infrastructure and built-in technical equipment of the hotel:

1. Owned by the hotel – el. Trafopost, located 150 m from the hotel.
2. Water supply and sewerage systems – plastic pipes.
3. Water heating system – electric titans / 700 l /, water pressure pump.
4. Telephone network – Panasonic automatic telephone exchange, 16 ext. numbers, software for reporting and paying for calls.
5. Network for cable TV.
6. Internet network – server, access in each room.
7. Passenger lift – 320kg, for 4 people, electric with micro frequency motor control, cabin “Lux”.
8. Central air-conditioning “Daikin” – multi-zone, direct evaporation, eco-friendly freon.
9. Ventilation: exhaust – 2 kitchen, 1 restaurant hall; pressure – 1 for the restaurant, 1 for the kitchen + heaters for air, exhaust ventilation of all sanitary facilities and technical rooms.
10. Kitchen lift /two-section/ – 100 kg, inox, 2 stations – restaurant, kitchen.
11. Fire – notification system: central, sirens, sensors in all rooms.
12. Alarm – security system + panic – buds for personnel to call security.

Ground floor: hotel reception foyer, equipment: automatic doors, reception, computer, printer, cash register, furniture for guests, coffee machine – robot, refrigerated display case, luggage compartment, room for titans, office, sanitary unit + locker room for staff, sanitary node for guests.
Second floor: kitchen – independent exit from the building for refueling, technical room, shower + toilet for staff, locker room, kitchen – 5 preparation tables with refrigerators for meat, fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables and fruits, cold kitchen, warm kitchen – refrigerators , professional equipment: 2 convector ovens, 4 gas stoves, grill, 4 fryers, microwave oven, mobile technical equipment such as mixers, etc.
Third floor: restaurant – 30 seats – foyer, toilets / ladies’, men’s /, hall equipped for 30 seats, buffet / refrigerated display case, coffee machine, refrigerators, computer + cash register /, musical equipment, washing room + professional washing machine .
From the fourth to the eighth floor – hotel floors: 4 suites, 6 double rooms, laundry /washing machines, dryers/.
Hotel rooms: In the room: cable TV, internet, refrigerator / mini-bar /, safe with code lock, telephone, full hotel furniture. All rooms have a bathroom with a bath.
Hotel suites: Hall, bedroom. The rooms are separate. To the hall there is a toilet for guests, to the bedroom there is a bath, bidet, toilet, washbasin, sauna for 3 people.
Each room has a telephone, TV, mini-bar. The hall has comfortable furniture for receiving guests, work, room service. Safe with combination lock.

Building operation options:
Due to the convenient location and construction of the building /internal walls are not load-bearing/, the building can be easily reconfigured and operated:
- as office space;
mixed purpose: offices + partial preservation of the hotel base for business travelers.

Sale offer

Possibility of selling the hotel as a real estate or through an aport contribution to the capital of a new legal entity. faces. In any case, the transaction is not subject to VAT.

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