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688 194 EUR

50% project “production of jam”

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50% share of a project – production of jam

ROI 6-12 months!

Proposal for the Joint Implementation of the project
” Undertaking producing jams”
Brief information about the project
The ” enterprise for production of jam ” was developed
by experts in the production and marketing fields of the food production.
The Company applied this project for funding under the measure
123 Programme for Rural Development of the State
Fund Agriculture / SFA / and obtained approval for subsidies.
The total investment is BGN2,422,909/ EUR1,238,814/ VAT . SFA approved by the value of the investment is BGN2,358,625.78 / EUR1205946 , 21/ VAT . approve granted by the financial assistance from the State Agriculture Fund is BGN1,164,143 , 45/ EUR595 217,09 / or 48.04% of the total investment that is paid after the construction and operation of the enterprise.
The company has complete project documentation and building permit for an enterprise to produce jam № 139 / 25.09.2012 d issued by the municipality of Kyustendil .
The project envisages construction of a plant for the production of sweet cherries , apricots , strawberries , raspberries and other fruits .
The process line allows production of canned vegetables after adding the necessary machinery.
Now there is 1400 m2 area that will be built on the spot with area of ​​3.5 acres owned by the company, located in Kyustendil, Bulgaria . This area is known under the country name ” orchard of Bulgaria.” The owners of the cherry trees from the area supply domestic and foreign markets with more than 6000 tons of cherries per year.

Capacity is 5.5 million jars of jam per year in three-shift operation from May to October.
Unit cost / jam jar 275 g / is 0,76 eur.
The estimated gain on disposal of one million jars of year, priced 1,20 eur is 440 000 eur.

Proposal for equity

The company provides a marketing program which realization of finished products will be exported to the Russian Federation market.
/ RF / . This is the main reason the investment is in RF
I. We offer a 50% stake in the capital of the Company

- The amount of BGN33 896 is the purchase price of 50% of
the capital and the amount of BGN1,311,454.50 is an additional contribution to the capital .
Together with the acquisition of a stake in the company, it is expected by our partner to provide loan funds in the amount of BGN1,311,454.50/ EUR688,194,60 / VAT required as additional contribution to тхе equity. In this way, funds will be allocated for the construction of the entire enterprise.

II. After building now and approval costs
SFA refunded to the account of the company BGN1,164,143 45 /
EUR 595,217,09 /. This amount is returned to the investor. In this
manner the views of the shareholders are aligned .

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