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Import, as a component of foreign economic activity, determines the creation of favorable conditions for the national economy development by increasing the competitive power of businesses on domestic and foreign markets. For that reason, liberalization of foreign trade is accompanied by national protectionism. State regulation and control establish clear rules and regulations. According to them, import consists of different activities needed for the bringing in of goods, such as raw materials and products with industrial or personal use, into one country from another, as they change ownership in the country in which they are received.

The customs IMPORT regime involves application of trade policy measures, completion of various customs formalities when importing different goods, and taxation of these goods according to the state dues of the receiving country.

Under the customs regimes, import can be permanent – for final, domestic consumption, or temporary- for processing, completion, consignment, leasing, and other processes, after which the goods can be exported. In order to be successful, imports require thorough marketing research and detailed evaluation of various factors.

Particularly important is the accurate assessment of the market capacity and perspectives. A precise assessment of the factors, which form the market value of a certain product, is also very important. Some of those are: logistics costs for the type and duration of transport, customs tariffs and duties, insurance, intermediaries, and others.

Unquestionably, import is a lot more complex than the purchasing from a domestic supplier.

Customs clearance and release of imported goods can be rather problematic if the necessary documentation is not present.                 Depending on the type of contract that you have with your client, our team can take care of that problem and we also can deliver the shipment to your client’s warehouse. In order to smoothly arrange these procedures, we can gladly serve you as both an import and a forwarding agent. In this sense, the most important requirement for thriving and profitable import to Bulgaria is the presence of a clear and precise contract, which includes detailed provisions of delivery and payment under the established international rules.

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