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Legal Services


We offer a comprehensive legal service, which embraces the entire scope of business activities of the client company.

Negotiation and mediation in concluding business deals; Representation before state, municipal, and banking institutions; Legal consulting on asset management; Incorporation of companies – capital and personal, depending on the client’s scope of activities and investment goals; Incorporation of branches of local and foreign companies; Elaboration of trade, bank, labour and other agreements and documentation pursuant to a company’s scope of activities; Consultation on obtaining licenses and administrative permits required for a specific activity of a company; Preparation of documentation for general assemblies of shareholders and partners, meeting minutes and resolutions by managing bodies; Capital restructuring, i.e. change of amount and/or shares of the partners/shareholders; Mergers and Acquisitions, Demerges, and Corporate Separations.


Drafting of preliminary and final purchase agreements, exclusive and non-exclusive distributorship agreements, consulting, leasing, advertising, banking agreements, contracts for professional training, loan and rental agreements, commission and dispatch agreements, supply contracts and agreements on waste management under the Law on Waste Management, as well as other agreements, memoranda and pursuant documentation; Legal consulting in the field of contract law; Participation in contract negotiations and conclusions of agreements; Court representation in cases of non-performance and breach of contract; contract annulment, termination of contracts, and declaring contracts null and void; Real estate purchase agreements, including thorough legal research on a real estate, its legal history, proprietary deeds and standing;


Registration, transformation and/or termination of companies and sole entrepreneurships; Deals with commercial enterprises; transfer of shares of commercial enterprises; Preparation and registration of collateral and securities, special pledges registration; Representation before state, municipal, and banking institutions; Legal action and consultation on purchasing real estate in Bulgaria.

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