Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer

Value of our services – investors – buyers of business

Prices of services

The prices are without VAT!

Services in support of the transaction

Support of self-purchase – that problems at the client as a result of uncontrolled transactions. 3%-5% of the transaction amount, but not less than 2000 €.
Applying for and receiving BULSTAT BULSTAT the place of registration of the object (pre-paid by the customer). 500 €.
Express mail (Bulgaria-Russia), translations of documents required for the transaction of sale, on the Bulgarian language and its legalization (pre-paid by the customer). 90 €.

Inspections of properties (in the case of a purchase, you do not pay it)

Varna region. 35 € day
Black Sea coast. 90 € day
The inner part of the country, 230 km from Varna. Veliko Tarnovo 150 € day
Regions of Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, ski resorts. 250 € day.

Services meeting and placement of clients (in the case of a purchase, you do not pay it)

  • Meeting the client at the airport of Varna,
  • Transfer of car companies
  • Accommodation at the hotel.
25 €.
  • Meeting the client at the airport of Burgas,
  • Transfer by car companies in Varna,
  • Accommodation at the hotel.
90 €.
  • Meeting the client at the airport g Sofia, Plovdiv,
  • Transfer to Varna car company
  • Accommodation at the hotel.
250 €.
Selection and booking hotel client’s request after booking your flight with departure dates. free

Legal and accounting support for clients

  • Company Registration:
  • • services of a lawyer,
  • • collect the necessary documents
  • • BULSTAT,
  • • the court’s decision,
  • • Certificate,
  • • print.
500 €.
Company registration in case of acquisition of customer property in the sum of over 130,000 € free
Re-registration, changes in the composition of the company’s founders. 160 €.
Provision of registered office to register a company in Bulgaria. 200 € for year
Accounting services, the provision of quarterly and annual reports (not working firm). 200 € for year

Operations associated with the subsequent management of your new business

Guide integrity of newly purchased By appointment.
Manage individual structural units By appointment.
The ongoing and future analysis and control By appointment.
Inventory By appointment.
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan in the Bulgarian bank to purchase real estate. 2%

Other services

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit representation:
  • registration of foreign companies,услуги юриста,
  • assistance in the collection of documents,
  • translation of documents into Bulgarian and apostille
  • submission of documents to the Interior Ministry,
  • a card.
700 € (no fee for obtaining a personal card).
Invitation from a private person to obtain a visa to Bulgaria. 230 €.

The prices are without VAT! Paying taxes on real estate, automobiles – 16 Euro for 1 tax


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