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The company’s international freight transport

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The offer for sale of the company’s international freight transport location: Bulgaria

The price of the transport company is under € 900,000! Owners need to emigrate to Canada by the end of the month!

New price € 900,000! Agreement !!! Urgent!

License from the Ministry of Transport to carry out international road transport of goods for others or for a fee
                    The company belongs to only one person since 2004 and until now successfully working, engaged in transportation of cargoes from Turkey via Bulgaria, in Russia. The main office is located on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, in the city of Svilengrad. The company has 16 trucks / Lake Volvi, Mercedes and Scania / 6 semi-trailers / KOGEL and SHVARTSMYULER / and 10 trailers / Pan SHVARTSMYULER and cAMP /.
                     For trucks, the company takes in rent parking in the city, and there is also equipped avtoserviz for trucks. Mechanics signed a contract with the company and serve only the trucks belonging to the company. Equipment in avtoservize / machines and facilities / and are the property of the company.
                     By the company’s assets, except for trucks includes more: six office in an office building in the city center, furnished and equipped.
                    There is an opportunity for business development. Because the company is located on the borders of the two, and taking into account the export of timber from Bulgaria to Greece, this market we have not developed. As well as to the import of Greek products to Bulgaria, to Dunn this point, we do not engage in too. When buying more trucks, exports from Turkey to Russia can develop further, which is a key to our business so far.
                    The present owner of the first few months can advise the Buyer on all matters related to business. If the new sobsvennik decides to invest in the purchase of trucks, Seller may make contacts in Western Europe.
                   The company has a clean record and paid taxes.

Guarantee / can be in written form, to provide a declaration / that will perform all the necessary steps to fully provide the information requested by you, to organize a meeting with all of our customers and partners. Also, within the time required, after the eventual change of the present owner, the guarantee that it will continue to work as a consultant to complete the adoption of a new work by the owner or his authorized representative. All contracts, invoices, declarations, as well as disclosure of information about the company, customer data, etc. It will be provided on-site or by e-mail after signing up with your hand a letter of intent and a declaration of confidentiality. We are ready to meet you or your representative in place and to provide all that is needed as documents.

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