Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer

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Selling Travel Agency
12 years of history
innovation in the marketing of tourism products.
licensed tour operator and travel agent.

= The company specializes in cultural tourism in Bulgaria
= Developed packages with unlimited options, custom
= Pre-registered under the new law;
= With insurance;
= Stationary phone with a gold number with four zeros;
= Site number 1 / English /: your own domain and hosting, number of visits: 3,000 in a month basic language English, 30 pages, detailed information about the sites, attractions, videos, programs, static html, major tour in Bulgaria Touristic tours for students, Tour visiting the most attractive Monasteries in Bulgaria
= Site number 2 / Russian /: Hosting Bulgaria – mirror site 1
Russian, number of visits: 3,000 in a month static html;
= Site number 3 / English / has developed mirror versions in German, French and Spanish /: Hosting Bulgaria number of visits: 3000 in the month, static html; promotional site for cultural tourism in Bulgaria.
= Site number 4 / English /: Hosting Bulgaria visit number: 3000 in a month static html; promotional site for SPA tourism in Bulgaria.
= At sites offers a large archive with quality personal pictures from Bulgaria, which can be used for promotional purposes and for work on the sites.
= Registration in international tourism platforms and pages 3 and social networks;
Reason for sale: Owner Withdrawal from active due to health reasons.

             The sale price includes:
know-how for innovative package tours
staff training and quality self-compiling, organizing and conducting cultural tours in Bulgaria
/ familiarization packages, objects, places, hotels, restaurant, museum, tasting products of the products developed by the company and are only suitable gifts for tourists etc /
familiarization with partners
package tours
             The company has developed innovative packages to meet groups of tourists, accommodation in hotels only with verified service level of professional tasting of Bulgarian dishes and wines unique to the world food and beverages offered at the appropriate environment and time, visiting attractive places and museum, combined with rest, relaxation, coffee, raffles, games while traveling in buses meeting with Bulgarian bread and send a gift, etc. , Which guarantees 100% satisfaction on every demanding tourists visiting and resting on each tour group in Bulgaria.

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