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• Elaboration of accounting policies and individual ledgers;

• Adoption, review, and classification of primary documents;

• Real-time accounting processing of primary documents using specialized accounting software;

• Opportunity to issue invoices on the client’s behalf (in mutual agreement);

• Preparation and registration of a company under VAT;

• Processing cash and bank payments to the Trustee;

• Creation of secondary documents and records in accordance with applicable law;

• Preparation of periodic reports on accounts receivables and payables- at the request of the Trustee;

• Data processing with accounting programs that allows custom reports in various popular file formats (. Pdf,. Doc,. Xls) with a possibility to exchange information electronically;

• Adoption and classification of fixed assets of the Trustee company, preparation of accounting and tax depreciation schedule, and calculation of due depreciation;

• Monthly elaboration and electronic submission of records about the purchase and sales journals and the VIES declaration under VAT;

• Accounting for inventories;

• Stock monitoring;

• Consulting on accounting matters;

• Preparation of monthly and annual trial balances;

• Preparation of annual financial statements;

• Preparation of necessary documents and reports on verifications and audits for the periods in which the firm has been responsible for providing accounting services to the Trustee;

• Document organizing and backup according to a chosen system.

                          Personnel and Payroll

• Preparation of all documents relating to the hiring of new employees;

• Elaboration of labour contracts, additional agreements, leave of absence documentation, penalties and termination of employment;

• Electronic registration of labour contracts conclusion, amendment in the NRA;

• Elaboration of the Payroll and all documents related to the public social security and the general income tax; information on insured persons (E1) and outstanding contributions (E6), and submitting them electronically to the NRA;

• Calculation of fees payable to private contractors;

• Compilation of payment orders for Trustee obligations to the budget;

• Adoption, classifying, and processing of health leave documentation, and creating explanation and supporting letters for the NSSI;

• Issuance of certificates for insurance and employee benefits to the Trustee, which will serve in front of NSSI, the Labour Bureau, NRA, the Social Assistance Agency, and other budget agencies. The issuance of documents is done within the legal time limits, after a written request made by the Trustee;

• Issuance and verification of employment records to the Trustee;

• Consultation on employment law and insurance issues.


• Tax amount calculations, according to current tax laws. Preparation and submission of VAT returns, VAT records, protocols, and VIES declarations;

• Preparation and accountancy of payment documents for payments to the budget;

• Completion and submission of tax returns;

• Tax protection and representation,; preparation of reports required by the tax authorities regarding inspections and audits;

• Tax advice

Annual closing

• Preparation of annual financial statements according to the national and the international accounting standards;

• Preparation and electronic submission of annual activity reports for the needs of the National Statistical Institute and the National

Revenue Agency;

• Preparation of annual tax return and submitting it electronically to the NRA;

• Presentation of annual reports to their legal beneficiaries – NRA, NSI, Trade Register, Ministry of Justice, and others.

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