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1 490 000 EUR

Central Logisticheskiy 44 000 m Ruse

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Logistics Center

GOVERNED BY A REAL ESTATE with integrated IT warehouse and office building.

I. Place Properties

1.Zemelny station, built in a warehouse and office building located in the eastern industrial zone in the city of Rousse “Danube Bridge” and the international road E-85 (Ruse-Svilengrad). The site is characterized by a very good physical infrastructure, rail and suhupatna accessibility and excellent communication capabilities.

II. Description of property

2.1. Land

A plot of land with an area of 44,000 square meters, located in the city of Ruse, Eastern Industrial Zone, open and closed warehouse and office building.

2.2. Buildings and facilities

A warehouse and office building in the eastern industrial zone of Rousse:

• Material and equipment:

- Indoor storage building, built on an area 2976 square meters of land, with two cranes lift 5 tons and can use the ramp on all sides of the warehouse;

- Indoor storage building, built on the area of 2527.70 sq.m. land ownership, with the ability to use the ramp and the upper part of the warehouse / new warehouse was built in 2009, and not in the old Act /;

Both are built warehouse and detection fire suppression systems.

- Support is designed on an area 912 square meters of land ownership;

- Prefabricated steel warehouse built on an area of 300 sq.m. land ownership;

- Prefabricated steel warehouse built on an area 810 square meters of land ownership;

- Housing and CTP, built on an area 252 square meters of land ownership;

- Container terminal Container 300. The terminal has two railway tracks with a capacity of eight cars each. Free and easy-access ramps to help direct treatment of wagons, containers and trucks;

- The portal gantry crane 32 tons and 10 tons of weights serving as the railroad tracks;

Warehouses are licensed for temporary storage and customs under the Customs laws of the country.

• Administration Building:

- Fully renovated and refurbished office building, floor, massive construction, with built area of 288 m2, built in the area – at the base;

III. Proposal

1 490 000/edin 1.49 million in 1990 / VAT.

The above described property owned by the organization, and may be sold as a going concern / business / and as an asset.

The company has its own warehouse, located in Eastern Industrial Zone in Ruse, near the Danube bridge and international road E-85 (Ruse-Svilengrad).

At an area of 44,000 square meters (forty-four thousand square meters) are situated indoor and outdoor storage areas, as well as the approved by the RCD-Ruse customs warehouses type “A” and temporary warehouses to store goods.

At the logistics center there are two railway tracks, vehicle loading docks, thirty two ton bridge crane, thirty six tons Lancer Boss and processing equipment for 20 and 40 feet large containers. Metal storage yard.

The center also has electric and internal combustion forklifts equipped with special “clip” facilities for processing and storage of rolled paper, regardless of their diameter. The security of goods is ensured by an electronic access control, 24 hours video surveillance and security guards.

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