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175 000 EUR

Medical Center Sofia

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Medical Center Sofia
Old price – 250,000 euros
New price – 175,000 euros
The medical center is located in Sofia on one of the biggest boulevards, in a very communicative place.
Year of construction of the building: 1952 – 1954, the building is a three-storey building with two entrances. The center occupies part of the first floor.
Type of construction: Three-storey brick-built three-storeyed structure with basements, three entrances, with 38 cm thick brick walls, bearing beams on each floor with beech beams 20x20cm, with concrete staircase leading to the entrance hall and the bathroom. Concrete reinforced girder 38×38 cm, covering all the walls on each floor.

Construction of the medical center: during the period 2005 – 2007 All new constructions, the whole new electrical installation (3-core), a new plumbing installation with polypropylene pipes are executed under construction projects and under construction supervision officially certified in the SAF.
Data about the medical center on the notary deed:
Area of ​​the medical center: 76.72 m2
Additional basement with an area of: 7.89m2
Additional loft premise turned into an office area of ​​15.61m2, with PVC joinery and its own electric panel

For business:
The company was established in 2005.
Two years ago the premises and business permits were prepared.
Since 2007, the medical center has worked effectively.
For the time being it is developing quite well.
The medical center as a company is fully licensed, ie. with all the necessary work permits as a medical center
The premise also has the status of a medical center.

The medical center works with 12 health insurance funds, with paid patients and limited by NHIF.

The medical center is multifunctional, ie. not only with one but with more specialties:
- Gynecology
- Cardiology
- Ear Nose Throat
- Internal Diseases
- Imaging Diagnosis
- Endocrinology
- Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, incl. manual therapy
- Ophthalmology
- Neurology
- Vascular Surgery

There are also regular prophylactic medical examinations of companies, which provides a regular inflow of larger funds.

Technique and equipment: The medical center is fully equipped for the mentioned specialties.
Quality of technology: We only buy new equipment. We regularly replace the technique with a new one if we think it is outdated.

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