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discount 1 950 000 EUR

Photovoltaic park 1141.7 Kwp.

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Promotional price – up to 06.15.2014 – 2,100,000 EUR.
Promotional price – up to 10.15.2014 – 1,950,000 EUR.
Possible bank financing up to 50%! 50% Personal involvement!

Photovoltaic power plant -1141kwp(1.1417mwp)
1 950 000/ 351 879 = 5,54 + 10% profit tax = 6,1 years investment is paid

Cost per year:
10% State Tax Profit

Expenses other years 4000 -5000 euros
The company is registered for VAT and in 2012 built a large photovoltaic power plant. in the regulation of Stara Zagora. The project is an output of 1.1417 MWr. The plant was connected to the grid of the local electricity distribution companies, which has signed a definitive agreement to join and agreed EL PPP projects, station and EXTERNAL POWER. ACCESSION.

Annual Real

amount of energy generated 1,417,247 kWh

Peak power of PVPP 1 141.70 kWp

Expected losses of temperature: 8.6%
Expected losses from reflections: 3.0%
Other losses: 10.0%
Combined loss: 18.2%

Received months
Fixed System: 30 °, orientation 0 °
Em month
January 56432
February 61555
March 115150
April 126400
May 164635
June 162121
July 171849
August 174631
September 161328
October 130098
November 67300
December 60748

Total for the year 1,417,247

Em: Average monthly electricity produced by the system (kWh)

Monthly radiation and timing of the ecliptic

Finance analysis

The plant has an annual electricity production of 1,417,247 kWh-based on the issued and paid invoices.

In preferential purchase price to 06.31.2012 onwards: 0.4856 lev. / KWh, the annual income is 688 215lv./ Year..
Total investment, including real estate, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant, full documentation and permission to use a total Value: 2 255 000 €.

legislative framework

Act enrgiya from renewable sources
This law regulates the social relations of production and consumption :
1. electricity , heat and cooling from renewable sources;
2 . gas from renewable sources;
3 . biofuels and renewable energy in transport.
This Act aims to encourage the use of renewable energy sources through the obligatory purchase of electricity produced from renewable sources under a contract with a public provider and / or end suppliers at preferential prices set by the regulator .
For this purpose, by 30 June each year regulator determines preferential purchase prices, which take effect from 01 July

legislative framework

Other laws related to Prakash ZVEI

Law on Environmental Protection

Energy Law

Law on Spatial Planning

Regulation 6 Accession consumers and producers to the grid



Available documents:
1. Title deed
2. Current plan is a project
3. Project to change the zoning plan
4. surveying
5. Statement for connection to the local electricity distribution companies
6. Preliminary connection agreement with the local ERP
7. Final accession treaty with the local ERP
8. Full technical documentation and construction documents
9. Permission for PVPP and external connection
10. other


Photovoltaic-REC 245 W


concrete foundations

galvanized construction

Return on investment

Annual real yields according to invoices -688,215 € 351,879 lev-

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