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230 000 EUR

Photovoltaic park 87 kwp

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Revenue in 2013. – 71 397 lev = € 36 504

230 000/ 36 504 = 6.3 + 10% profit tax = 7 years investment is paid

Possible bank financing up to 50%! 50% Personal involvement!

Cost per year:
10% State Tax Profit

Expenses other years 2200 -2500 euros

” Photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 87 kWp”
1. The Owner
Ltd. The company is a legal entity , a single member limited liability micro enterprise registered in 2009 with the main objective to develop clean production of agricultural products. The company has no fixed assets and for this purpose the services of outside contractors. In order to diversify it was decided to implement a project to build a photovoltaic plant . Subsequently, after the construction of the plant business with production of energy from vazoobnovyaemi energy / renewable / became the main and only for the company.

2 . Project Description

Photovoltaic power plant with a peak power of 86 400 W. Built in Blagoevgrad and is a plot of land with an area of ​​1080 sq.m, assigned to design a system, a visa. The plant operates under an approved investment project with building permit and permission to use. To pitch up in urban street network . Electricity produced by the photovoltaic generator is fed through step-up transformer 0.4/20 kV electricity grid .
Its geographical location and relatively not big clouds , the plant builds high levels of solar radiation. Used 360 / three hundred and sixty / number polycrystalline photovoltaic module marks Canadian Solar CS6P 240 W, which have high efficiency ( efficiency ) as production technology and application. The modules are arranged on a reinforced concrete construction at an angle of 30 degrees. To convert electricity from DC to AC is used 5/pet / number inverter brand SMA, model Sunny Tripower 17,000 German company SMA, a leading manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic plants . The plant is equipped with four the number of CCTV cameras , Internet access and monitoring via the Internet through equipment monitoring and control of the company SMA / Sunny Webbox and Sunny Sensor Box /.
AC 220 V output inverters combine up to 380 V AC voltage, which is then converted to 20 kV by its own transformer for connection to the public grid. The following inverters are used to power substation several protection , regulating and measuring equipment providing protection of the plant from the influence of the public grid and metering of the electricity from the plant to the public grid.
Conversion of electricity from 380 V to 20 kV, the track to join the public grid and accession itself is designed in accordance with the Accession Treaty with the electricity company ” CEZ ” and prescribed to him.
The plant is surrounded by barbed wire and guarded by security. Has concluded and full insurance .

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