Роскошные апартаменты на берегу моря, Нет комиссии от покупателя, Luxury apartments on the beach, no commission from the buyer


SALE OF 50% OF SOLAR PARK 7.04MWT-690,000 EUR Sale of 50% of a 7.04Mwt solar farm – EUR 690,000 1. Price and Conditions of participation: • Price for 50% participation of the Investor in the Project: EUR 690,000 • Terms Ready to Build/Building permit, Technical project, Final accession agreement with ESO/; Constructed...

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3 Star luxury hotel in the heart of Varna, Bulgaria!

Unprecedented! 800 sq. meters of built-up area for 1200 euros / square meter! Apartments in the center of Bulgaria’s Maritime Capital Varna reach prices up 1500 to 3000 euros per square meter! Hotel – restaurant “Jupiter +” *** – year-round hotel, in the center of Varna, with a total area of 800...

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Alcohol factory, Factory for highly alcoholic beverages!

Alcohol factory, Factory for highly alcoholic beverages! Evaluation of the plant by an independent appraiser in 2016 – 3,000,000 euros! At the moment /2023 / it is about 4,000,000 euros For sale at 1/3 of the price – 1,250,000 euros! The factory was established more than 25 years ago! Production capacity: - Up to...

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New Catamaran for 80 people

New Catamaran for 80 people New Catamaran for passenger transport! - Construction in 2020 650,000 euros! Located in Bulgaria. Seatek 2×660 hp engines Daihatsu diesel generators 2×8.5 kw Drying pumps 8 pcs. Hydrophore pumps 2 pcs. Maceration pumps 2 pcs. Fuel tanks 2×1650 kg Clean water tanks 2×380 l Dirty...

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Dental office in Sofia, Reduta. with customers.

Sold! Dental office for sale in Sofia, Reduta. with customers In a new building on 5 floors with Act 16 of 2009. Ground floor. Free parking in front of the office. Area 40sq. Furnished, equipped, with all permits, developed since 2010 and currently operating. Consists of: 1. entrance hall, 2. waiting room, 3....

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