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Citizenship and residence in Bulgaria

Our company assists foreign nationals to obtain residency and citizenship partly

Residence permit in Bulgaria
Registration of companies and representative offices in Bulgaria. Business immigration to Bulgaria.
Coat of arms of Bulgaria According to Bulgarian law on foreigners residence in Bulgaria can get a foreign citizen registered office of a foreign company (Art. 24 para. 6 of the Act) in Bulgaria. Therefore, the owners of the Russian company can get a residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of registration of a representation that does not have the right to conduct business activities, and is only Russian company in Bulgaria. The residence permit is given for one year and then extended every year for 5 years, of course, if the condition persists for extension – representation is not closed. After five years, you can get permanent residence (permanent residence) in Bulgaria. Received as a result of registration offices in Bulgaria Chuzhdentsa personal card, you will need to stay on the territory of Bulgaria more than six months, otherwise you this card is renewed for the following year. Take care of the extension is necessary during the first five years of living in Bulgaria, ie to relocate. If for some years of the five years you will stay in Bulgaria for at least 6 months, your residence permit is renewed, because you will only need a visa for six months.
In addition, the representation may be a few representatives. Receives a residence permit only one – Director of Law (as well as his family members, ie spouse and children under 18). But others at the dealership will be able to easily and quickly obtain a visa to Bulgaria – at the invitation of that representation.
You will need to take the statements of representation of the foreign company with a zero balance (cost of preparation of this report our partner – from $ 50 to $ 100). It is only necessary to charge only virtually Director salary with which to pay the taxes, you can even advance for the year.
List of documents required for registration:
• Statutes (national), certified by a notary.
• Memorandum, notarized.
• Addressing the meeting of founders on opening offices in Bulgaria, certified by a notary.
• The order of appointment of the director by the right of representation (ie, the person who will apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria), certified by a notary.
• Specimen signature director of the right of representation, notarized.
• Samples of signatures of others at the dealership.
• Power of Attorney (notarized) from the parent company to the person who will carry out operations in Bulgaria:
- Accommodation for the director of the mission;
- Renting office premises of the mission;
- Registration of the representation;
- Opening a bank account.
Prepared documents for registration in Bulgaria representation you need to provide to our Moscow office. After the required period of documents registered representative of your company will be sent to you by mail or you can pick them up at the office in Moscow – of your choice. After receiving the documents you need to come to Bulgaria for an immigrant visa “D” and apply for a residence permit. Our representative in Bulgaria organizes a meeting and full cooperation.
Turnaround time – 3-4 months.
The cost of registration (registration offices in Bulgaria – EUR 3000 and the annual registration of a residence permit in Bulgaria – EUR 4000 per adult) – total, 7,000 euros.

New (2013) option for obtaining residence permits and permanent residence in Bulgaria:
February 23, 2013 in Bulgaria, amendments to the Law on Investment Promotion (Investment Promotion Act), which entails changes in the Aliens Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. In legislation added new investment opportunities residence permit and permanent residence in Bulgaria:
1. Category entrepreneur: risk capital to create jobs. Leads to the resolution of a long stay in Bulgaria (residence permit in Bulgaria). The amount of not less than EUR 125,000 must be invested in venture capital. Alien must invest 50% of the capital in a Bulgarian company, which operates in the underdeveloped regions and must create at least 5 jobs for the citizens of Bulgaria. Residence permit must be renewed each year.
2. Category entrepreneur. Leads to the resolution of a long stay in Bulgaria (permanent residence). The amount of not less than EUR 250,000 must be invested in venture capital. Alien must invest 50% of the capital in a Bulgarian company, which operates in the underdeveloped regions and must create at least 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens.
3. The residence permit in Bulgaria when purchasing real estate. This option immigration only leads to the resolution of a long stay in Bulgaria (permit). The minimum required investment amount is EUR 300,000. Status residence permit must be renewed each year. Compared with the first two options a third option has the disadvantage that foreigners who have obtained a residence permit on such grounds may not be eligible for permanent residence or citizenship. It will be an eternal residence permit (which will persist as long as the holder of a residence permit will be owned by real estate)

Permanent for investment
With significant investments can be obtained immediately relocate to Bulgaria, bypassing the one-year temporary residence permit. It is possible for investors who have invested in Bulgarian government bonds for a period of five years – BGN 1,000,000 (512,000 EUR). This program is very popular among Russian investors, as it allows after 5 years of permanent residence status to obtain a Bulgarian passport (citizenship of the European Union). Also, by increasing the amount of investment in the two times possible accelerated citizenship for investments in Bulgaria

Questions and answers on registration of residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship in Bulgaria

Q: We are interested in obtaining permanent residence in Bulgaria for a family of 4 persons. I would like to know more how to do it. Another way is to invest in the economy of Bulgaria, put the money in the amount of 512,000 euros to a bank account in Bulgaria. And the interest will be charged at the same time, it will be possible to use them?
A: Money in the bank account for this program will not work. For the purposes of the program need to buy interest-free government bonds. Read more in one of our articles here

Question: Interested scheme for obtaining permanent residence in Bulgaria through investments. The program utilizes the fact that there is no mandatory requirement to live in Bulgaria certain number of days per year. Questions such. My wife and I are not painted but are married, even though both my child and have my name. I would like to leave everything as is, but made out of one family. Is it real or need an official marriage?
Answer: Civil marriage for the purpose of this program is not recognized. If you do not want to register the marriage, you will need to invest double the amount of capital.
Q: While I can not figure out what would be more correct, given away 180 thousand permanently or for a time of 512 thousand. I want to consult with you on this issue. That kind of money I have, but I want to do so, as it will be cheaper for me. Is there any loopholes in the law to these 512 thousand. Euros to spend the funds in property in Bulgaria or land for construction. And if not, what is the guarantee of safety and return of these investments?
A: Investing in real estate and land does not count, even if the size is much higher than 512 thousand. Euro. In our opinion, it is better to pay 512 thousand. Euros (which returns after 5 years is guaranteed by the Government of Bulgaria, ie the state, which does not go bankrupt) than irrevocably give 180 thousand. Euro. But you decide that question. Money is invested in government bonds with zero interest, that is, conservative investment, lending it the state. Therefore, for the return of investment experience is not necessary, but the partial erosion of investment inflation, of course, possible.

Question: I would like the information presented on your site. Decided to apply in person. I am a sole proprietorship. Can I register a representative office in Bulgaria its SP or need to open some other, more weighty legal entity? Will I be in the future, having a company in Bulgaria to organize some activities in other countries of Europe? Let me explain what I mean. My husband is an artist and we would like to move to Europe to organize and Art Salon. And periodically exhibit of his work in salons in other European countries. Representation in Bulgaria has no right to engage in economic activity in general, or only on the territory of Bulgaria? What can you advise us on this? How realistic is it that we are up to?
A: For your purposes, the most suitable form – it’s just register a company in Bulgaria. Having a legal entity in Bulgaria, you can organize events in all EU countries. It is understood that Bulgaria should live every year for more than 183 days a year (more than six months) – to have the possibility of extending this residence permit.

Q: I plan to relocate to Bulgaria. Your prices and conditions for this service?
Answer: permanent residence in Bulgaria can be obtained on the basis of investment of 1 million leva (512 thousand euros) for 5 years in government bonds. The cost of our assistance in obtaining permanent residence – 20 thousand euros. If you still did not mean permanent and residence permit (temporary, rather than permanent residence), it is cheaper. Residence permit is done by registering representation. Assistance in obtaining a residence permit costs 7 thousand euros, including the registration of representation. Residence permit in Bulgaria is given initially for 1 year, 5 years and then extended, that is, after 5 years of residence in the country the person receives permanent residency without having to invest.
Q: Can I make a residence permit without a visit to Bulgaria?
Answer: No visit to Bulgaria (by proxy at our man in Varna) can be registered representative. But the residence permit without a visit to the country do not get it. The documents of the representation will need to contact the Bulgarian Consulate and ask for an immigrant visa D. This is not a tourist visa C, which is issued to tourists. And if a visa D will, then the person comes to this visa to Bulgaria, applies for a residence permit at the local immigration office and get a residence permit.

Question: Can you get a consultation about the company in Bulgaria? 1. I am a sole proprietorship. Can I open a representative office in Bulgaria, and buy a house? Or should definitely be Ltd. (it too is in the Russian Federation)? 2. I want to live permanently with children in Bulgaria, part of the house can I lease? 3. My daughter 16 years old, she will receive a residence permit with me? And how to be with his son, he is 22? How did he get a residence permit? 4. residence permit can be arranged somewhere on the job? 5. How much does the training in universities and schools (many classes in high school)?
Answer: 1. To open a representative office must necessarily be LLC. By SP will not open. 2. If you buy a big house, the one half of you will live, and the second can be taken to third parties. 3. My daughter will get a residence permit in Bulgaria together with you, and his son – no. In Bulgaria, age 18 years, so it is considered a separate family. But he will be able to come to you on the guest visas. 4. Typically, a residence permit gives the right to work, but in the case of representation is considered that the representative employed by a foreign (in your case – Russian) company, so the right to get a job in the Bulgarian companies such residence permit will not. 5. Training in schools and universities need to learn on the spot. Training programs – not our specialty.

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