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4 500 000 EUR

Company – Trading Pharmaceutical products Sofia

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Company – Trading Pharmaceutical products Sofia
Old price 6,500,000 Euro, New price 4,500,000 Euro
The company’s scope of activity wholesale pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies.
The company was established in 1994. Imposes on the Bulgarian market as a manufacturer of high quality products offered at attractive prices serving healthcare. In 1999 he became the official importer of condoms from a certain type of Bulgaria. We have a team of highly qualified specialists who care for the rapid and accurate service to our customers.
Seat and address of management: Sofia
Ownership: The company is 100% privately owned.
Licenses, permits for the activity:
1. Wholesale of medical products
2. Authorization for medicinal products
Activity: The company is principally engaged in the wholesale of pharmaceutical goods, medical equipment and devices. In the domestic market sold through distribution companies or directly to end customers. End customers are mainly commercial enterprises and hospitals. Contracts with customers provide orders for medical devices from all major product groups. Marketing methods of the company are different and depend on the terms of contracts and relationships with specific customers – selling with different payment terms, selling in advance and others.
Suppliers of the Company are Bulgarian and international companies and manufacturers. Own import of medical devices occupies a large volume of sales. Conditions of sale on the domestic market are different depending on the client – advance payments or payment before delivery (for new customers), deferred payment.

Revenues from goods and services for 2013:
• Revenue from sale of goods: 6.8 million lev. – / 3476000 / EUR
• Other revenues from sale of goods: 5000 lev.
• Other income from the sale of assets: 4000 lev.
• Financial income from interest on current accounts and gains from currency: 6000 lev.

Organizational structure and staff:
Organizational structure: The organizational structure of the company is following a hierarchical subordination: the manager, deputy manager, manager sales and marketing chief stock trading medicines pharmacist sales representative, computer systems technician, accountants, drivers, customer service and warehouse staff service.
The manager has a contract for management and control.
The staff appointed by contracts.
Number and structure of staff: 49
Personnel Management: 4
Analytical composition: 1
Technicians and other relevant specialists: 2
Administrative staff: 22
Staff engaged in service and trade workers: 20

Prospects for Development:
Strategy: market development, expansion of product range.
Strategy of internal development, occupying a larger market share.

Short-term goals:
• Building our own warehouse and office.
• Increased turnover by 10%.
Long-term goals: reaching a 50% market share in Bulgaria for imports of high-quality medical supplies.

Product Policy: offering high quality products. Strict observance of the deadline for execution of the order to the customer. Aftersales.
Marketing policy: direct distribution channels.

Pricing policy: The use of market-based pricing methods. Price discounts. Preferential prices for long-term customers. System of discounts for quantity.

Advertising policy: advertising channel is the principle snowball customer = satisfied customer = two customers.

Contractual policy: long-term contracts with customers. Long-term agreements with suppliers.

Personnel policy: maintaining optimal staffing structure depending on the activity. Training and retraining of staff.

Company Culture: Loyalty to the product, customer and company. Flexible solutions for specific customer requirements. Solving customer problems even before they realized.

Environmental Policy Implementation of measures to improve the technical ensure compliance with environmental legislation. Preventing and reducing the risk to human health through the creation of safe working conditions.

Included in the price are:
1. € 700 000 – goods in the warehouse,
2. € 500,000 – commitments from customers to the company (100% payable)
3. Property 2850 sq m in Sofia c. Sheep fonts,
4. About 15 vehicles
5. Computer equipment for about 25,000 euros, etc.
6. office and warehouse premises are rented.

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