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Machine-building plant Working for sale with clients!

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Machine-building plant Working for sale with clients!

The company is a 100% private machine building company founded in
1990 Ownership / land, building, equipment / is of three partners with equals
shares and rights. Started with main activity development, production and
realization of professional pneumatic and hydraulic hand tools,
during the period of its existence it also entered the field of engineering
activity. During the period 1995-97. on the basis of an external patent has been developed and
implemented a unique valveless distribution system for pneumatic percussion
tools, which subsequently allows the company to last them
established in the domestic market as one of the best. Field of realization of
engineering developments and production are almost all branches of
the economic activity of the country – construction, energy, mining
industry, machine building, road construction, ship repair and
shipbuilding, transport, etc. They have been developed and implemented
unique single projects for the needs of gold mining, ship repair, nuclear
energy, the tobacco industry, the dams and cascades system,
underground coal mining.
Since 2000 due to a change in the political, economic and economic
conjuncture in Europe and the country, the company began to work actively on
differentiation of production through CPM, based on FANUK system, of details
for general mechanical engineering and especially for parts for hydraulic cylinders.
The quality management system ISO 9001-2000 was implemented in 2002
allowed the “company” to become and establish itself so far as one of
the main suppliers of such elements for the French company “Star” and
“Rocket”. In recent years they are in regular serial production
finished hydraulic cylinders, mechanical shock absorbers and production of
very large range of hydraulic cylinders for cylinders. To the latter is assimilated in
current and technology for induction soldering of fittings to the pipes with
subsequent sandblasting. As a continuous process through all
years continues to be warranty and out-of-warranty repair
activity in relation to all manufactured and sold company products.
In the last three years 2017-2019 based on average total staff
35-31 people, the turnovers of the years, respectively, are BGN 1,695,000, BGN 1,483,000. and
BGN 1,240,000

1. Available building stock – built-up area total 880 sq.m. from
- industrial hall 790 sq.m. with metal construction and brick walls,
detached office, warehouse and four workshops – assembly, two with metal
machines, procurement;
- extension 90 sq.m. / attached photo / – metal sandwich construction
panels, side of the main workshop as a continuation of the roof – separate
production room for production of hydraulic pipes;
- The roof of the whole building is completely new, replaced in 2018 by a sandwich
- all work rooms are air conditioned with inverter air conditioners;
2. Territory of the company – 2211 sq.m. with a notary deed;
3. Available production equipment:
– CNC machines: lathes – 6 pcs. and vertical machining
centers 2pcs. / triaxial and quaternary / – in very good condition;
– Universal lathes – 3 pcs. in good condition;
– Universal cutters – 4 pcs. in good condition;
– Surface grinding machine – 1 pc. in very good condition;
– Circular grinding machine – 1 pc. in very good condition;
– tool sharpening machine – 1 pc. in very good
– sharpening sanders – 2 pcs. in good condition;
– Column drills – 3 pcs. in good condition;
– Table drills – 2 pcs. in good condition;
– Vertical threading machines – 2 pcs. in good condition;
– Marking machine for rotating products – 1 pc. in very good
– Machine for induction heating – 1 new one;
– Sandblasting chamber – 1 pc. new;
– Belt cutting machine – 1 pc. in very good condition;
– Cantilever crane – 2 pcs. – very good condition;
– Semi-automatic welding units – 3 pcs. in good
– Semi-automatic pipe bending machines – 2 pcs. in very good
– Screw compressor – 1 pc. in very good condition;
– Mercedes 413CDI – long base with a load capacity of 3.5 tons. in
very good condition;
– Forklift 1.5 t. – 1 pc. in good condition.
4. Information that the company would do in addition
– the location of the company – excellent, in central industrial
zone, 150 m. from the main road to Greece;
– available public transport for staff;
– only 50 m. to one of our main contractors -
the French company Comet;
– credit history in relation to the banks we work with
30g. – excellent and without obligations to companies or banks;
– while maintaining and continuing the existing activity of
the company – built a very good company image / quality, honesty,
loyalty /, on the basis of which the future owner will be insured
production program. If desired and opportunity for investment in equipment
there is a potential for BGN 3.5-4 million turnover;

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